Friday, November 14, 2008

New WATCHMEN trailer and quick thoughts on QUANTUM OF SOLACE

Woah, where did I go? Work, school, the movies, yeah I've been around. Um...~right?
Well, I just got back from QUANTUM OF SOLACE and my thoughts are all kinds of positive. Forster has a completely different style than Campbell and from his CASINO ROYALE. Honestly, and I said this during the film, "Wow, this film just doesn't let up." Just when the narrative slows and we begin to recover from the last amazing set piece, we're thrown, just as well as Bond, into another head-on collision, so to speak. There's very little time to actually catch your breathe.
Reflecting back upon it now, I'm realizing just how different from ROYALE this film actually is. Near completely. CASINO ROYALE had us following Bond up close and intimately and we felt the relationship develop in front of us between himself and Vesper. We saw the storm wreak havoc at the end of that film upon James and how he immediately dismissed his emotions. Here, we see a drive. We see the aftermath left by that storm and we absorb its shock waves. Bond dives fingers first into a sugar bowl of the unknown and together we journey through the reality of deception and untruths.
I'm looking forward to watching the film again very soon because they really do pack quite a quantity into this film, too much even. Whereas ROYALE took us back to who Bond really was, it managed to keep it all very contained. QUANTUM is an air horn to ROYALE's French, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It almost feels like this film goes back previous Bond films with its excessive Michael Bay-esque explosions and boat/plane/car chases but Forster manages to somehow ground them much like ROYALE and, I hate to use this comparison but, the Bourne films. Like I said, I'm ready to go watch the film again and I'm definitely already looking forward to the 3-disc special edition Blu-Ray because I'm going to want to see how the hell they shot some of the incredible sets and you're going to want to, as well.

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