Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Message From James Franco's Mother

Get the special message here first, well, after the 750 people already saw it at Funny or Die.

See more James Franco videos at Funny or Die


NICK AND NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST gets a trailer; In other news, Michael Cera just charmed your mother into bed

Michael Cera (Nick) of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and SUPERBAD fame stars with 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN and CHARLIE BARTLETT's Kat Dennings (Norah)in a teen comedy about love, music, and awkward situations.

The plot goes something like this:
So Norah's at this club where Nick's band is playing and because of a question asked by one of Norah's friend, Nora asks Nick to be her boyfriend for five minutes which eventually leads Nick to start thinking that the girlfriend that just broke up with him earlier might not be the only one for him which then takes both Nick and Norah around NYC to a number of clubs and bars to see bands play and their quasi-first date forces both of them to ponder whether this might hopefully become something wonderful or just fizzle into what is was in the first place, a sham.


Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist


High-res WATCHMEN screenshots and EMPIRE cover

EMPIRE has released their upcoming issue's cover and screenshots from WATCHMEN. If the film is already getting so much press and promotion, I wonder how it's going to be come January and February. I mean, not even DARK KNIGHT had these exclusives eight months before its release. As much as I love WATCHMEN, I also very much understand they way Alan Moore feels about the whole film situation. I guess I'm glad millions more people will be brought into the world of WATCHMEN and can appreciate the novel but at the same time, I really beg all of those people to read the novel before watching the film. I'm sure this will only make you appreciate the film even more. But there are plenty of amazing novels that have been adapted and are being adapted to the screen with just as many fans that feel the same way before they watch the film version of their novels, right?


Update: new high resolution WATCHMEN posters !!

The Con brought us some great things this year and some not so impressive things as well but of the former are these new character posters from WATCHMEN. They all look incredible and thanks to IGN and Omelete, we the public outside of Comic-Con can enjoy them and here they are in no particular order. Note the WATCHMEN art style that they are preserving from the novel, I'm liking that. Also, the quotes above are enveloping and especially important if you are not familiar with the novel. By the way, the pin-up at towards the end was released before the Con but I figure it's great enough to put up again now, wouldn't you agree?



This is a fun one. Rob DeNiro, Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, written and directed by Art Linson and Barry Levinson. Unlike many critics and reviewers out there, I think the trailer actually does look funny and I do want to watch it. It was received poorly at Sundance and has been having trouble since but I have hope, kinda. Check out the trailer below.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is it wrong for me to enjoy SEX DRIVE? Nope, because it's probably based on true events, and there's no bending the truth there

I remember Summit announcing this a while back, then releasing poster a little over a month ago, and now we finally have the trailer. I think it looks quite nice actually. Sure, many of these films are carbon copies of the previous one that most likely leads back to the oldies but goodies. Look for SEX DRIVE October 10th.


TERMINATOR and TWILIGHT posters from Comic-Con

Maybe you're like me and like posters of shot up Terminators for TERMINATOR SALVATION, or maybe you're still like me and like posters of Bella and Edward for TWILIGHT. Either way, click on them to enlarge, then go print out 4-foot copies of them from Kinko's and plaster them around your room/dungeon/home base.


Ever wonder if HEROES and WATCHMEN could join forces? No? Me neither, but watch this glorified ad for the show

How frakin' cool is this. It's HEROES footage slotted into the WATCHMEN trailer which ultimately culminates into the final message of the video, "WATCH HEROES." Enjoy.



Dark, darker than the rest. That's all. Here, watch.

What do you think?


Monday, July 28, 2008

I've seen the Comic-Con footage of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and it's...

...bland. No joke. The footage is leaked by someone who attended the con and is fairly poor quality even if the fanboys and girls weren't all screaming their teeth off. Here, watch it first, then I'll talk about it.



So there. To me, it doesn't seem any different than the PUNISHER sequel coming out later this year, or even McG's CHARLIE'S ANGELS films (and McG is actually directing the new TERMINATOR SALVATION). Since it is a Marvel production I'm sure that it'll have everything the fans want but it just looks like cheese, highly entertaining cheese, but still. Maybe I'm asking too much. I don't know, other than getting another cool X-Men film, it just seems generic (refer to the scene in the trailer with Logan walking away from a huge explosion behind him on the road; seems all to much like the scene in X-MEN3 with Wolverine standing on the battlefield smoking a cigar with a large explosion behind him). No, I don't think THE DARK KNIGHT has spoiled me but we are in a time when realism is a factor, a large factor. I'd say IRON MAN pulled off the realism and Favreau made a very entertaining film, but he didn't have much of a style; he created a film that was also fairly generic and appealed to everyone.
WOLVERINE is still about a year away and again, "you can't judge a book by its Comic-Con footage a year from its release." Just like those of us that didn't much enjoy the TERMINATOR teaser in front of TDK, at the Con, apparently, TERMINATOR made a very large splash and took skeptics by surprise and impressed many. So, stay tuned as info is still coming from Comic-Con.


Saturday, July 26, 2008


Aside from this site, I also sometimes write short movie reviews in the Friday Extra section of the Tampa Tribune here where I live. I have been writing these for about a year now but I never really felt like boasting that, well I'm doing it now. This past week, a couple of my fellow reviews and I got to watch Will Ferrell and John C. Riley's new family comedy, STEP BROTHERS. Written by ANCHORMAN scribe Adam McKay and Ferrell, this is by far their most vulgar comedy yet. Let me start off by copying over my short Tampa Tribune review which you can also find over here at the Tampa Bay Online website.

What I Liked: What’s better than two grown men acting like 10-year-olds? Will Ferrell and John C. Riley acting like 10-year-olds. If you watched the last few Ferrell films and asked yourself where all the funny went, perhaps he was just saving it for this. Writer and Ferrell’s BFF Adam McKay have worked together on such classics as ‘’Anchorman,’’ ‘’Talladega Nights’’ and many ‘’Saturday Night Live’’ sketches.
Now, despite the gratuitous language, they’ve finally made a film that goes back to their roots and resurrects the energy they once had during the days of SNL. I’m sure many people will agree with me, but rather than a Ferrell fan, I’m more of a J.C. Riley one. And he’s always entertaining to watch (’’Walk Hard’’ ).

What I Disliked: There are a few points that people may not find very entertaining about this film. Yes, this is an extremely R-rated film, so please don’t take yours or your neighbor’s children for a fun weekday afternoon movie; I think they may be better off watching ‘’The Dark Knight.’’ Second, if you have in fact enjoyed Ferrell’s last few, like ‘’Semi-Pro,’’ don’t expect this to be quite so massive. ‘’Step Brothers’’ is a simple film about two very simple boys and their parents. Lastly, what really did get to me was the language. I know the writer was trying to express the childishness of these two men, but honestly it seemed a little much. You decide.

Would I Recommend? Though it does feel as if the Ferrell train is losing steam, much like his SNL comrades of the past decades, I think this one extends his half-life at least until he makes another ‘’Bewitched.’’ Perhaps he should take the dramatic route for the next few films if there is anything we can learn from Adam Sandler’s career.
Score: 7 out of 10
- Nizar Babul

After pondering over the film even further and after watching PINEAPPLE EXPRESS last week, I don't think STEP BROTHERS is quite up to the level of comedy of PINEAPPLE but then again, they have always had a different bit of comedy from the "Apatow Gang." Yes, the film is different and slightly better than Ferrell's last few efforts but the shinning star still is John C. Riley, in my opinion. It's not just that Riley is a better overall performer but it's that he brings a certain everydayness to the characters he plays that Ferrell seems to obviously transcend.
For Ferrell, I believe this is a step in a better direction. Personally, I'm sick of him always playing the same damn character. This macho, pompous, self indulged ass who we must sympathize with by the end of the film. I don't always buy it. What I can buy him as is a 40 year-old man-child who still has trouble socializing with people and lives in the shadow of his younger brother. Although the film is less encompassing in its content and message, it is however a better film than his past few.
Another bit I liked about this one were the side and secondary characters. I loved Richard Jenkins in THE VISITOR earlier this year but not so much in this because I felt he brought too much spunk to the father character. Ferrell's younger sister-in-law played by Kathryn Hahn; as over the top as she may seem, really scenes really are among some of the funniest and most of her lines were improvised, kudos. Ferrell's brother in the film, played by Adam Scott also knew how to bring the fun while playing an obnoxious prick.
I say, go check STEP BROTHERS this week in theaters with some friends or a date and let it be the appetizer for the next month and a half of awesome comedy entrees which include PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, TROPIC THUNDER, VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA, THE ROCKER and HAMLET 2.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Two new MAX PAYNE posters and two new THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL posters; both dragon kick your teeth in (relax, it's a good thing)

If you've played the MAX PAYNE games then you know what to expect. If you haven't then well, familiarize yourselves with the past few promotional photos, the trailer, and these new posters because they're pretty much all you need to know to prep yourself, other than playing the game itself of course, which you might consider doing if you're a gamer. But ya, here we are in the midst of Comic-Con '08 and things are blowing open wide; wide open you might say. Aside from all of the coverage online from sites like Joblo, SlashFilm, Cinematical, and Aint It Cool News to name a few, G4 is also providing hours of coverage on your cable and satellite stations (check your local listings).
Right, first off we have two all new posters for MAX PAYNE which I really like. The first is more of a logo stamp where as the second sets a certain tone that is very much true of the games, more the first game, though. And then we have these two really larger-than-life posters for THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL which have this colossal feel to them like many alien films like WAR OF THE WORLDS do as well but still, this is still epic. We really haven't gotten a clear look at Gort , the large robot that destroys earth (or does he? dun dunn DUNN!!)until now. Click on any of the following to enlarge.

Stay tuned for more updates, trailers, posters and more as Comic-Con '08 rolls on. Things to look forward to: WATCHMEN, WOLVERINE, and TWILIGHT.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finally, the trailer for THE BROTHERS BLOOM; not to be confused with THE BROTHERS GRIMM, nor THE BROTHERS SOLOMON.

Rian Johnson. Remember that name because he's going places, and I want to be there supporting him and his work. BRICK, that should ring a bell, and if it doesn't... make it so that bell rings, soon. In his sophomore effort, Johnson has created THE BROTHERS BLOOM which tell the story of two con men/brothers (Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody) who decide to take on a final job that they believe to have planned out but of course, we all know what makes a good story, disorder. The film also stars the famous and beautiful Rachel Weisz and the famous and beautiful Rinko Kikuchi from BABEL fame.
Why should you be excited about this film? Not only did Johnson impress us all with BRICK, but just take a look at that cast. Another reason, Summit Entertainment. Remember years back when companies like Lionsgate, Weinstein Company, Screen Gems, and Magnolia were putting out all of these small and interesting films, well Summit is now taking that lead, well, in my opinion. For me, Summit is becoming a haven for fine films with recent releases: THE FALL, MICHAEL CLAYTON and ONCE; films that are coming soon: THE BROTHERS BLOOM, CITY OF EMBER, PUSH and HAPPY-GO-LUCKY; and films out by the end of the year: RED CLIFF, TWILIGHT, and THE TREE OF LIFE. Seriously, they are packing some great quality stuff that I am very much looking forward to, and you should be too. THE BROTHERS BLOOM opens wide the fall, October 24th.



It was actually just a two days ago I posted the premiere poster for HBO's new vampire original series based off of "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" but today, I have something completely unrelated, but not completely different. Aside from writing the new Steven Spielberg created Showtime series THE UNITED STATES OF TARA starring Toni Collette, Diablo Cody also spoke shortly after JUNO about writing a film of her favorite genre, horror. And here it is, JENNIFER'S BODY. This film stars TRANSFORMERS' Megan Fox as a cheerleader who gets possessed and starts killing boys at her school.
You might remember a few months back when I compared THE STRANGERS' poster to the FUNNY GAMES poster (there was also a poster for ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE that resembled FUNNY GAMES even more), we have a similar situation this time.

These things happen. JENNIFER'S BODY doesn't deal with vampires but the idea does make for a good poster and of course, "If it ain't broke, then copy & paste." The marketing is great for both projects and the only problem here is that they were released too close together but that really couldn't be avoided. Personally, I'm very much looking forward to Diablo Cody's next film. JUNO really did come out of nowhere and impressed many people. Unlike the people that weren't taken with the JUNO script, I really loved it. The writing flowed and broke certain conventions almost without a sweat. But here is when Cody will really have to win us. This sophomore effort will really be the deciding factor.
I'm not so excited about Megan Fox, though. Aside from the pretty face, Fox just...wants to be a celebrity like 93% of the actors and actresses that make it in Hollywood and I don't think she can act very well. Who knows, maybe she'll drop a bomb on us and pull a Jennifer Lopez...psh, unlikely, that's once in a brown moon.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

YES MAN trailer; is yes the new no?

Sorry, I meant to have this trailer up early but I was at a screening for PINEAPPLE EXPRESS but we'll talk about that a little later. So yes, YES MAN, Jim Carrey is back an he's better than ever?, maybe not but he's back with another film. I've always been a Carrey fan but that doesn't mean I have to embrace all of his project; I certainly didn't embrace FUN WITH DICK AND JANE and even THE NUMBER 23. Carrey has several projects in the works including a re-imagination (sounds much better than remake, doesn't it?) of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, as well as I LOVE PHILLIP MORRIS with Ewan McGregor and Leslie Mann, and RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT. First up, though, is YES MAN, a story of a man who starts a new self-help program in which is must say "yes" to every decision and act positively towards that. That can be fun, right? Well, I think so, I think that yes, that can be fun. Carrey always does bring his best to any role and we should have faith in him; now, faith in the writing and direction is a different story.


Monday, July 21, 2008

No blood tastes like TRUE BLOOD tastes

Cable's best network, HBO, has been working on a new series and if you're familiar with HBO's stuff, than you should be excited. They've had a history of celebrated shows recently including DEADWOOD, THE SOPRANOS, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, SIX FEET UNDER, ENTOURAGE, SEX AND THE CITY, IN TREATMENT, ROME, and of course, THE WIRE. So when I learned that the creator of SIX FEET UNDER who also wrote AMERICAN BEAUTY created a new HBO show, I was instantly interested. And what's more, it's a vampire show, TRUE BLOOD.
The show is set in Louisiana and follows the life of Sookie Stackhouse. She is a telepath and works at a bar but things run a little off the rails when Bill Compton comes into her life; by the way, Bill is a vampire. In the adaptation of "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" novel series by Charlaine Harris, vampire live alongside humans and survive off of a special Japanese made blood beverage called TruBlood. I read the first book only six or seven months back but haven't gotten to the rest in the series so I'm not sure how they plan on working the books into the show but I have faith in HBO. Anna Paquin stars as Sookie and Stephen Moyer as Billy Compton.
HBO is running some great online marketing for TRUE BLOOD. You can even head over to and learn more about the TruBlood beverage as well as buy some of your own TruBlood merchandise. Also, Blood Copy, a viral site, was launched and is running some great interviews and fake investigations into the world of TRUE BLOOD.
TRUE BLOOD premieres on HBO September 7th, at 9pm. Suck it up and watch. Get it? Because we're talking about vampires?


The only good flash is a FLASH OF GENIUS; trailer

Everyone now and then, a good wholesome film comes out, most likely inspired by true events, that warms our souls and tries it's darnedest to make us cry. Greg Kinnear is out to make us cry next in a film about the original inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper and his battle Ford Motor Company for the rights to the invention.
I have always loved Kinnear and his ability and the charm that is always present in every character he portrays; I'm just waiting for him to play a good villain. Actually, I could see him give a damn good dramatic performance alongside George Clooney, I could see that happening. This film is sure to have "Most inspirational film of the year" written all over the promotional posters and magazine reviews much like PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. Tears will stream October 17th. Read on below to watch the trailer.


Friday, July 18, 2008


*This review contains spoilers*

Yes, this post does contain spoilers but I will keep that off until the second half of the review and I'll give you fair warning. So, is it everything we hoped for and more? Is like sitting in a theater and experiencing what 1974's audience experienced watching GODFATHER II?

In my opinion, the film THE DARK KNIGHT is the best comic book I've ever read. It flows more like a novel would rather than a standard film thanks to the five-act script. The films feels as if it's going into overload which is how many comic books feel but that is at least helped by the story being told over several issues.The film is monumental, but this also isn't a film for everyone. Picking up several months after BATMAN BEGINS leaves off, Bruce Wayne and Batman both are comfortably secure in the role they play in Gotham. The criminal underworld and the worst of Gotham now have a reason to fear the night. THE DARK KNIGHT is on its surface and at its root, a classic noir detective story modernized and familiarized only by its style, presentation and Batman lore.
This film is essentially about two people but unconventionally wraps itself around the conventional detective story.
The law. The people know and support the law because it is the only thing standing between them and the evil in the city. Here, both Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent are the statues of hope in Gotham City. But there is only so much the law can do without sinking to the criminals' level.
The Evil. Evil has no limits and has complete disregard for civil law. All of Gotham's evil is represented by a terrorist, The Joker.
The Private Investigator. He usually operates within his own realm and on his own terms but fundamentally seeks out evil and fights for justice. He is not afraid to bend the rules to get the answers he needs.
This film is essentailly about two people and they are Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne. Harvey is the shining, shimmering hope for justice in Gotham. His love for justice and Rachel drive him to fight evil through the system. But can darkness overcome light? We all know that Dent becomes Two-Face, but is Two-Face evil? Bruce Wayne, much like Two-Face, is split in two. In his attempt to inspire good, he public image has been limited and that more than Batman has becomes the mask that he must wear.
So much can be said about this film but viewing it once just isn't enough. Critics and journalist have been telling us for months that it takes about two or three viewing to fully comprehend every morsel that Nolan has given us. It's a little hard to say but THE DARK KNIGHT's Gotham City is set in a man's world. Aside from a judge being a woman, Rachel Dawes is the only female on screen of interest. But Rachel is much more than a pretty eye-full, she is, for lack of a better analogy, keeping Gotham City together. Both Harvey and Bruce use Rachel as a lifeline and as the vision of a hopeful tomorrow. What would happen to these two if that brightness was taken out of their lives, who would know?
Like I said earlier and Nolan has even mentioned this in past interviews that the Joker is essentially a terrorist, and those that have seen the film can entirely attest to that. But to me, Joker was much more than that. Yes, he is a very smart person and he has his own interpretation of society and human behavior. Fundamentally, Joker is a social psychologist and social experimenter. He has a hypothesis and his next step is to prove it with a little experiment. He does want to have his rise to power and claim Gotham for himself and simultaneously remove Dent as the obstacle but he wants much more than that. We get that all during the last leg of the film.
Inevitability and justice run throughout the film and by the end of it, we certainly aren't left with a good feeling. Dark, very dark, this film has done to film what METAL GEAR SOLID 4 did to game; it brought the somber into mainstream. Where we are led at the end of the film, I feel there is almost no other way for things to have ended and that is what Nolan was driving towards.
There is not a single performance in the film that isn't spectacular. Yes, Heath Ledger's performance was amazing and has set a new benchmark and reached a new height most thought could not be achieved after last year's NO COUNTRY killer, Anton Chigurh, (Javier Bardem). Everyone brought their A-game and it certainly shows on screen.
Christopher Nolan and crew here have created the most lively and real world in Gotham. Nolan has done what only sketches, speech bubbles and onomatopoeia in bold-face type have been able to do in the past- successfully transfer Batman from the canvas he was born to the screen where he belongs.

*Okay, time for the spoilers*
Let's talk details. Wow, that was some of the best storytelling I have ever witnessed. The film just wouldn't let down. I felt like I was constantly getting jabbed in the gut. So yes, we have Christian and Aaron and my goodness did both of them do a great job. Quickly, my only gripe with Eckhart's Two-Face was not so much his performance but Nolan's direction. I wanted Two-Face constantly enduring bursts of pain. Earlier at the hospital, he urges the doctors not to give him and medication for the pain and so I was hoping that would play in later once he leaves the hospital. Two-Face would seem even more fanatical if he had ticks and head cricks because of the sheer stinging of the burns.
I absolutely loved Ledger's mannerisms for the Joker and just how free he was with that character. The scene with Joker meeting the mob and criminals in the kitchen to the nurse's uniform and the blowing up of the hospital, I loved it all. I'm also glad the Joker wasn't killed off although it seems that way before Batman reeled him in, another nod to the original Tim Burton version.
Another thing, wouldn't didn't love the first time we saw the Batpod, I mean seriously? That has to have been one of the coolest introductions to a vehicle. I really did the new batsuit as well. I know many months ago I said the suit seemed to have too much going on because of the many pieces but I knew it would play into the story and it did turn out to be pretty impressive.
Harvey Dent. I certainly don't hope Two-Face is dead even though they may claim that Harvey Dent may be. I would want Two-Face to be now a part of the underworld, a looming figure more like Batman than Harvey Dent was.
Oh, and Batman himself. Yes, I don't believe there could've been any other way to end that story than to have it go where it did. Batman, fighter of crime, protector of the city and menace to society. There is truly nothing Batman cannot endure.
I'm going again tomorrow to see the film in IMAX and I believe that should complete my DARK KNIGHT experience and I'll post any further thoughts I may have about film. Until then, goodbye, good luck and if you haven't seen the film already, plan to watch it this weekend in a theater near you or in an IMAX near you.


EW's new WATCHMEN cover; seriously EW, hire me as your lead photographer

Entertainment Weekly has released their cover for next week's edition and the hot topic is of course, WATCHMEN. The issue features a nice article and all new pictures that you can check out right over at Okay, now it's time for me to start whining. Ugh... first my little fuss over the TWILIGHT cover, and now this. To the untrained eye there might not appear to be an issue with the cover but if look closely...there is! It's the lighting! EW is infamous for this issue in a lot of the covers in their backlog. Now I know that EW isn't Esquire or Premiere, but their presentation would look a lot classier if they just lit and photographed their covers a little better. The cover though is a great homage to WATCHMEN covers and poster in the past like the ones posted below.

Another cool thing, the folks at Rope of Silicon have done what I was going to do myself, compare some of the screens from the WATCHMEN trailer from earlier today to frames from the graphic novel. It's definitely worth a look if you're into it like I am.


TWILIGHT done right? I'm feeling more and more unsure

Well, what did you think? Want to hear my thoughts, of course you do. Why does it keep feeling more and more like a B-movie? I understand that for the screen, the peril needs to be kicked up a notch with the whole James angle but I seem to be having the same problem with his footage as I have with other vampire films in the past several years; it's the animalistic nature of the vampire just doesn't seem...right, or rather, it doesn't seem to be done right. I really like the first half of this trailer but TWILIGHT, as well as the other books, let us feel what Bella is feeling and focus more of the understanding of vampire kind and I'm hoping the film interprets that tactfully.
Whether we like or not, the film will be what it will be. I'm actually already looking forward to the second film with Jacob and the gang and how Catherine Hardwicke (or another director, if they choose to switch it up like the POTTER films) will create the werewolves; so far, UNDERWORLD has the lead.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

WATCHMEN trailer !!...!!...!!!!!!!!!..!

Empire Online had the trailer up earlier in beautiful resolution but they have recently been requested to take it down as well as hundred of copies that were posted on YouTube. Don't worry, our beloved has the trailer and hopefully it won't be taken down.
My God it's finally happening, the WATCHMEN movie, it's almost a reality. Just several more months and Zack Snyder and crew will have completed an on screen adaptation of my most loved and the most lauded graphic novel of all-time.

This trailer is absolutely mind blowing especially if you are familiar with the graphic novel; I almost pissed my pants. It's nice to know that there is life after watching THE DARK KNIGHT. If you are going tonight to watch THE DARK KNIGHT for a midnight showing, then you will be the first ones to see this beautiful trailer on the big screen for I was only able to see trailers for TERMINATOR SALVATION and BODY OF LIES before my TDK screening. I'm sure it will be available tomorrow in HD so I'll have that up as soon as it's online.
If you aren't familiar with WATCHMEN, go back and flip through my WATCHMEN Extravaganza post and catch up on character photos, behind-the-scenes videos from the set as well as much more from the official site, Just watch the trailer again, go, be quick about it.


24: THE MOVIE trailer; it's 24 meets THE CONSTANT GARDNER minus everything great about THE CONSTANT GARDNER

So here it is, the trailer for 24: THE MOVIE. It's nice to see the produces have chosen to transfer everything from the television show to the big screen including the budget and filming equipment. Seriously, I feel like I'm watch a trailer for a made-for-TV movie on the USA Network, wait, I'm sorry, that's an insult to the USA Network. And what's up with the horrible, absolutely unenthusiastic voice over; completely boring. I was a big fan of the first three seasons (though I had my gripes with them) but not so much the last few and this doesn't look to be kicking it back up to where it was but hey, I could be wrong.



While waiting for my screening for THE DARK KNIGHT began a few nights back, Warner Bros. treated us to a few select trailer. These included Ridley Scott's new action drama BODY OF LIES starring his BFF Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio. The other one we received was a nihilistic view of the future in the teaser trailer for TERMINATOR SALVATION starring Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin and a handful of others equally talented. Seriously, I confessed my love for Christian Bale as an actor before but this man isn't doing his job if he isn't resurrecting a dying franchise every couple years.
My DARK KNIGHT review will be up when I finally get everything I want to say out, which probably means next year but I'm shooting for tonight. Also, I'm watching the new John C. Riley/ Will Ferrell comedy STEP BROTHERS tonight so I'll try to have that review out up in the next few days too. For now though, enjoy these trailers for two highly anticipated films.




Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nizar's THE DARK KNIGHT review coming soon, real soon



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Leaked: THE SPIRIT trailer; catch it before it's gone

Yep, you might've seen that sneaky teaser trailer a few months back, well THE SPIRIT now has a full length trailer. Since it's still not an official release it could get pulled down so watch it below while I still have it. And below that is the teaser trailer from a while back if you never caught that.

Well, there it was, what did you think? Me? Well, it's different and that's definitely good, but how good? I want the final film to feel like some sort of cinematical revelation. Not necessarily something epic, but something new that will jumpstart a certain part of the film industry to innovate further. Yep, that's what I think. And here, is the teaser trailer which is a little more... tame.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

If two new BURN AFTER READING posters don't lighten your mood, then maybe these nudes pictures of Agent Scully will

Let me apologize for there are no such nude pictures of Gillian Anderson/Agent Scully, but man would I love to see them. I do, though, have two new posters for BURN AFTER READING and they are both equally...quirky. Feel free to click on them to enlarge them.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Update: MAX PAYNE trailer shoots two guns at you while jumping through the air in super slo-mo !! And now, so do the photos

The story that began in the first MAX PAYNE game was a good one but I still like the second game much better only because the game itself was put together a lot better. Mark Wahlberg stars in the MAX PAYNE film as... Max Payne. I thought this film would be more or less what the HITMAN film was but this trailer shows that it's a going to be, a lot better? Maybe. I hope so at least. Here, watch below, I'm sure it's a bit different than what you may have been expecting from a videogame based movie. Enjoy.