Monday, July 28, 2008

I've seen the Comic-Con footage of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and it's...

...bland. No joke. The footage is leaked by someone who attended the con and is fairly poor quality even if the fanboys and girls weren't all screaming their teeth off. Here, watch it first, then I'll talk about it.



So there. To me, it doesn't seem any different than the PUNISHER sequel coming out later this year, or even McG's CHARLIE'S ANGELS films (and McG is actually directing the new TERMINATOR SALVATION). Since it is a Marvel production I'm sure that it'll have everything the fans want but it just looks like cheese, highly entertaining cheese, but still. Maybe I'm asking too much. I don't know, other than getting another cool X-Men film, it just seems generic (refer to the scene in the trailer with Logan walking away from a huge explosion behind him on the road; seems all to much like the scene in X-MEN3 with Wolverine standing on the battlefield smoking a cigar with a large explosion behind him). No, I don't think THE DARK KNIGHT has spoiled me but we are in a time when realism is a factor, a large factor. I'd say IRON MAN pulled off the realism and Favreau made a very entertaining film, but he didn't have much of a style; he created a film that was also fairly generic and appealed to everyone.
WOLVERINE is still about a year away and again, "you can't judge a book by its Comic-Con footage a year from its release." Just like those of us that didn't much enjoy the TERMINATOR teaser in front of TDK, at the Con, apparently, TERMINATOR made a very large splash and took skeptics by surprise and impressed many. So, stay tuned as info is still coming from Comic-Con.