Tuesday, June 3, 2008

METAL GEAR Retrospective Part Four

Part Four of GameTrailer.com's METAL GEAR Retospective is here. If you've somehow managed to miss Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of this Retrospective, well then, shame on you. We have no time for chit chat right now, how about we just jump straight into the video for Part Four? Yes? Okay.


WTV=What The Video?!

I didn't want to have to start up a portion of the site called Video of the Day or anything, but I want there to be something under which I can post fun videos I find over the interweb. So today, I bring you a video form some guys, Payman and Sean, who I have been a fan of since they started up. There began as Awkward Pictures and have now started a skit comedy show called Comedy Gumbo which will be premiering on Sony's YouTube page, C-Spot, where you can subscribe and watch all sorts of great videos. Payman and Sean's Comedy Gumbo will premiere on June 20th so don't miss out.
Here is a brand new video from them parodying a Nintendo Wii commercial. It's fun but I encourage you all to visit their site and watch all of their other videos, you'll love them.


Breaking: Never before seen DARK KNIGHT trailer

I was just browsing the inter-waves and came across this never before seen DARK KNIGHT trailer with new footage on SlashFilm.com. So click the link below and ejoy, I know I did.

THE DARK KNIGHT trailer never before seen

July 18th isn't that far away now, can you feel tension and shooting pains in your left arm? Oh, wait, it's just me. But seriously, July 18th, let's go see it in IMAX.