Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Entertainment Weekly TWILIGHT cover makes me gurgle vomit

Entertainment Weekly has released their cover for the upcoming issue and it features a GreenHouseFilmReviews' novel/film favorite, TWILIGHT. Something to notice about this cover: it has some of the best and worst make-up jobs I have seen in a nationwide publication. Where as Kristin Stewart/ Bella Swan looks better than ever with her sharp make up and elegant dress, Robert Pattinson/ Edward Cullen looks like the somnambulist Cesare from DR. CALIGARI. It's the hair, the face, the body, just disturbing and creepy. I think I may even describe Edward as disgusting in this picture which is completely not what you want the promo shots for TWILIGHT to conjure in the minds of the target market.
Now, I decided to go ahead and tidy up the promo cover myself for Entertainment Weekly a little and bring out and improve on some of the better elements of the picture. You be the judge, better 1, or 2?