Sunday, June 1, 2008

Update: MTV exclusive TWILIGHT clip

As we speak, shenanigans and crazy happenings are happening on the MTV Movie Awards. But we all know what the important part of tonight was: the TWILIGHT clip. Below, I teased about it appearing tonight at the grand show, and it's here. So without further interruption, here's the clip in all it's glory and low light.

Personally, the scene almost isn't working for me, but then I remember that it's TWILIGHT, and that makes it all better. I know this scene isn't in the book and that the book just skips from James beating Bella like a drum for a while and then skips straight to him being dead so I hope they make it an exciting fight.


TWILIGHT at MTV Movie Awards

See, when I'm the only one updating this site, it makes it hard to cover all the things I want everyone to know. But still, I soldier onwards.
So, as most of you know, The MTV Movie Awards is later today and along with all the stars and legends that frequent the MTV stages, so do the losers of the greater Hollywood area like P. Hilton, L. Lohan, and B. Bird. Okay, maybe not Big Bird, but you get me. Among the shows great skits and appearances, tonight will feature something I'm most excited about. No, not Jack Black in a Panda suit, an exclusive clip from TWILIGHT.
Recently MTV ran a contest for bloggers and the winner would get flown to MTV to be a guest blogger and write about their entire MTV Movie Awards experience. She, Laura Culpepper, lucky. I would love to win something like that. That's not my point though, my point is that she was able to watch that exclusive clip before the rest of the world and she even mocked us in a video blog. Here, watch for yourself.

I also have a few more TWILIGHT videos after the jump if you're interested. Of course you're interested, what a stupid thing to say.

Here's a video with Laura and Robert Pattinson being fun but also sort of acting like a douche.

And here is just something short to remind us all about TWILIGHT.