Friday, May 23, 2008

So many photos from THE HAPPENING, you'd swear you were in a psychotic stalker's house

You know, for a director who's always had his work under wraps, THE HAPPENING sure is being put out there for everyone to ogle over (though I'm sure everyone is just trying to get extra glimpses of Zooey Deschanel, I know I am). A Spanish site, Cinema em Cena recently got a scoop of THE HAPPENING in the form of photographs from the set as well as from the picture. I'm talking about a whole gallery full of photographs and in high-definition, too. The curl of Zooey's smile never looked so good. Speaking of her smile, click on it below to view the gallery in its entirety. Apprécier.



RIGHTEOUS KILL finally gets a good trailer, really good

If you saw the first trailer for RIGHTEOUS KILL, then you, like me, were most likely turned off by how bad it was. No joke, I thought it looked bad. A movie with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Bad.
Well, their marketing department put on their pretty shoes and put out a rather good trailer for the film and I really like it. The first trailer was playing the whole DEPARTED feel, making it seem like a Scorsese when it wasn't. That's all been fixed, it now looks like an original film, well as original as it can get. So, here it is then, RIGHTEOUS KILL in all its Albert Paniro glory. Get it? I just stuck both of their names together.


THE HAPPENING marketing: People dying and the ones who choreograph it

SlashFilm had a video yesterday as part of their VideoOfTheDay feature and they posted a very cool improv clip done by some folks in Australia as part of a promotion for THE HAPPENING. Now, there has been a little bit of a bad vibe going around about the film after a recent clip was released on Yahoo by Shyamalan that shows a few minutes from the film. I don't want to spoil anything; you can just watch it and SPOIL it yourself. Click the post extender below and watch both clips, or just one, or none and just go buy some ice cream from the truck you just heard outside. GOTTA GO !!

And then click here to see the Yahoo Video of M. Night Shyamalan introducing a clip from THE HAPPENING



Have you guys seen THUMBSUCKER, or CHUMSCRUBBER, or FIFTY PILLS? Well, you should because it stars someone who's definitely one to keep an eye on. His name is Lou Taylor Pucci and he's basically twin acting brother to the lovable Anton Yelchin. Anyway, He's starring in a new movie which should have been out a while back but never did, THE GO-GETTER. The film also stars the upcoming HAPPENING star Zooey Deschanel as well as teen angst veteran Jena Malone.
Taylor Pucci has several projects he's been working on and unfortunately has only a small part in the upcoming FANBOYS, a film about STAR WARS fanatics who travel to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of STAR WARS: EPISODE I. Count me in for that obviously.
Without further interruption, the trailer for THE GO-GETTER.


Russian WANTED trailer is...bloody great

I don't really want to say much except for, I really like Russian, and I really like films. Oh, and if you have seen the director's other work of NIGHTWATCH and DAYWATCH, then you'll notice a cameo in the trailer by Konstantin Khabensky who played Anton in both movies. Here's the International Russian red band trailer for WANTED. наслаждайтесь aka enjoy.