Saturday, September 27, 2008


I wasn't too taken with the first teaser that Frank Miller released for THE SPIRIT nor with the first trailer. True, a lot of it feels like a story from the Sin City pages but Will Eisner had a very different thing going in his head than Miller when he wrote this. This trailer blew me, away, and though it didn't get me the same giddy the QUANTUM OF SOLACE trailer did, any giddy is good giddy.

So, knowing Oliver Stone, for some reason I still thought that Bush biopic was going to be despite all else, mostly dramatic. But this new trailer really makes it clear, right? I wasn't anticipating this film as much as I was several other Fall biggies but it's now making a bigger blip on my mental map. October 17th is when you can catch it at your local filmoplex.

Yeah yeah, we all thought R.Downey Jr. was great in TROPIC THUNDER but the best part of the film wasn't retard jokes nor the blowjob proposals, it was Jay Baruchel. He played it pitch perfect and was the only real part of the film. Now, here comes a film with Jay that is not really a big studio film and yet I would pay just the same to watch it as THE SPIRIT. JUST BURIED stars Baruchel as a young man who inherits a funeral home in a small town and must think fast to keep the business running or it will be shut down due to little need for a funeral home in the town. Enter the beautiful Rose Byrne, the town's mortician, who with a strange opportunity comes to light.

And finally, a horror film, yay. I was ready to shut it off after 20 seconds but I'm glad I didn't because it offers something a tad bit different than most other horror films that start the same way, creatures. I really don't want to say much else because it could just as well suck gorilla testicles but the trailer does look interesting. In theaters October 31st. Enjoy.


2nd and perhaps final trailer for THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON

Strange buzz has been revolving around this film ever since it premiered earlier this year at festivals and it's stuck with it while making rounds at other festivals. The main problem Paramount has with Fincher's final cut is that, like ZODIAC, it's just too long. Find me someone who cares and I'll find you someone who doesn't love to hate Daniel Plainview. Warner Bros. has a similar problem with Zack Snyder's WATCHMEN with its final running time being about four hours. Just suck it up people. I for one am waiting for the day our general attention spans increase and we have films that are four and five hours. Art is art and no muzzle will fit, should fit. BUTTON is still on course for December the 25th.