Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WATCHMEN updates: Big, Blue, and All-powerful

WATCHMEN is really picking up although not much has been made public after Comic Con and the recent Warner Bros./FOX legal debacle. But alas, WB has been conducting fairly clandestine screenings on random and the first inklings of spoilers are hitting the web. But! And this a very interestingly used 'But,' they are saying that Zack Snyder might've shot a whole alternate ending that is being shown at these screenings to test whether or not it works. The word is apparently...well, some think it's good, and some hate it. I won't spoil it for anyone that hasn't read the novel, though I very much advise that you do, but the ending in the screenings are updated to correlate with current world issues.
Well, along with these screenings, WB has released a new teaser poster this week (shown above) shortly after the the Scream Awards on SPIKE TV premiered some new footage which is available below also, which is very, very cool. Until next time, enjoy.