Friday, February 1, 2008

TDK marketing to feature Two Face

I'm still upset about the recent passing of Heath Ledger as are millions of others, but life happens. Warner Bros. is dealing with a lot right now with having to deal with this situation as are the crew of The Dark Knight(TDK).

Kim Masters over at Slate reports of Warner's plans to adjust their Dark Knight marketing campaign. Apparently, it was their plan all along to slowly shift their advertising to focus on Harvey Dent/Two-Face, played by Aaron Eckhart.
One thing that annoys me is when people insist that Warner Bros. will take total advantage of Ledger's death and milk it into little bobbly Joker heads that snap onto pencil erasers and whisper "Why so serious?" when you shake them. Well, not exactly, but you get my point. Slate's source provides plenty of info but also insists that "You don't want people to think you're exploiting his death. But his character is part of the movie, and he was on board with wanting to (mass advertise) with his character." Of course, the source is referring to all kinds of Batman-related products such as toys, t-shirts, etc.
Definitely head over to Slate if you have a few minutes; the source admits they might need voice actors to record a few of Ledger's lines for looping sessions. Basically, looping is when actors head back to the studio to perfect sound with re-recording lines. Many big budget films use this technique so not only is the picture top-notch, but the sound, too.
I must admit, I am very tempted to buy one of the new Joker shirts featuring Ledger's menacing mug. But speaking of taking advantage, just the other day I saw some moron wearing a black t-shirt with Heath Ledger's face on the front with the words "Why Not Britney?" Now, although I don't approve of wishing death upon anyone, sadly it's a question I also would like answered, or even "Why Not Coked-Up Rockstars Who Have Ridiculous TV Shows On VH1?"

And here, just because I feel like it, is the trailer for The Dark Knight.

Is it just me or...would Adrien Brody have made a great Joker, too.


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