Monday, June 9, 2008

It's a WATCHMEN extravaganza !!

So, has been posting set visits and behind-the-scenes chronicles from WATCHMEN over the past few months since it went into production. WATCHMEN was originally a graphic novel written by the amazing Allan Moore and illustrated by equally amazing Dave Gibbons. I first read part of the graphic novel when I was younger, about 6 years ago, and was completely lost. When I finally revisited it about 3 years ago, I was blown away. There is a reason why the film has been through so many directors and writers. WATCHMEN is much bigger than everything else. There are not many storylines and plots that I keep in my personal pantheon, but this is definitely up there. Head over to that official site and read a synopsis before heading to Barnes & Noble or Borders, or Amazon and to buy this because it's absolutely worth it.
Oh right, the post. Ok so, Zack Snyder, the man/director making the film adaptation a reality, has been doing his best to update the site with little tidbits from the set and that includes short Video Journals which will lead up to the film's release on March 6th, 2009. I bring you today, part 3 of the 12 part series which is respectively titled, "Stunts." Very cool stuff, very cool stuff indeed. Continue reading below for the first two entries in the Video Journal series as well as character photos and other photos. It's a WATCHMEN extravaganza. Enjoy.

WATCHMEN Video Journal 1: Sets

WATCHMEN Video Journal 2: Costumes

Character portraits

Nite Owl
The Comedian
Silk Spectre
The Original Minutemen


DONKEY PUNCH: Lesser known brother of Rhino Jab

I remember seeing the poster for this film (see Figure 1a) almost a year ago I believe. I just recently saw the trailer for it and just thought others might enjoy, or not. DONKEY PUNCH finally opens wide in the UK July 18th, which would be completely disastrous if THE DARK KNIGHT also opened in the UK that day. The trailer is reminiscent of films like the Oscar-worthy I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and looks like a mash-up of SPEED 2:CRUISE CONTROL and THE HILLS HAVE EYES. Still, it looks fun and it's something I'll want to watch when it's out on DVD. Check out the trailer below and remember that "You don't have to do drugs to be dope."


VALKYRIE trailer

I really didn't want the title for this to be anything quirky because in truth, I have been very much looking forward to Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS follow-up film, VALKYRIE. I've been out of town for a couple days and I'm back with an all new trailer for the film about the planned assassination of the leader of the Third Reich, dictator, and the man responsible for the death of over 40 million people, Adolf Hitler. Although Operation Valkyrie was a failure, Singer's film looks to be as much a dramatic performance capture as history lesson.
Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but when it comes to on-screen delivery, the man is among the best. The film includes an amazing cast with actors Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Christian Berkel, David Schofield, Terrence Stamp, Eddie Izzard and many more. After And here, is the trailer for VALKYRIE. The film opens June 27th. Genie├čen