Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yes, I really enjoyed TITANIC and praise James Cameron for making such an incredible film and for casting two youngsters that would soon become huge movie stars. Well, though they are both huge movie stars, the two couldn't be making films that have been more opposite from each other's. Winslet has done films like LITTLE CHILDREN, ETERNAL SUNSHINE, FINDING NEVERLAND and QUILLS. Then we have DiCaprio who has done THE AVIATOR, THE DEPARTED, THE BEACH, GANGS OF NEW YORK, BLOOD DIAMOND and CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. But now, after over a decade, both actors are starring together again in a film that might have Oscar nomination written all throughout it. I do think it does look great though and I'll be sure to catch it alongside FROST/NIXON and DOUBT this December.

Released earlier this week was the trailer for Charlie "Screenwriter Extraordinaire" Kaufman's directorial debut film, SYNEDOCHE NEW YORK. Much like his other films, ADAPTATION, ETERNAL SUNSHINE, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, this film seems right on par with being completely out there. What can we expect from this one when we finally see it? We can expect to expect to watch it a second time, I'm sure.

Seriously, don't let the trailer turn you away, this looks great. GOOD DICK stars the writer/director Marianna Palka and tells of a strange romance between a porn-addicted young woman and a clerk at the film rental shop she frequents. Not only does this push the envelop, it looks witty and smart at the same time and you can begin to feel the psychological angle of the film towards the end of the film. Looks really interesting and fun and hit select theaters October 10th.

This year, a lot of great foreign films played at the Toronto International Film Festival and among them was a Chinese film, EQUATION OF LOVE AND DEATH. Mostly anticipating this one because it looks like a coaster ride we seem to only get from neo-noirs and certain crime dramas which this film just so happens to be, the latter I mean. Sorry to our non-Chinese speakers out there but tell me just from the trailer that this doesn't look like a thrill ride, and a dramatic one at that?


Tina Fey: next in line if Sarah Silverman is still unavailable

Politics, we don't get into it much here on GREEN HOUSE FILM REVIEWS, but this video is probably the closest we're going to get. I have plenty of my own views to un-sponge but this just isn't the place for that; Starbucks is. Enjoy.