Friday, November 21, 2008

Trailer Ketchup/Catsup/Catch-up

Oh so many trailers. How many trailers, you ask? Enough to feed all of New Mexico with. I'll start quickly with one that comes from writer director Greg Mottola. You might not have seen his first film THE DAYTRIPPERS but you mostly did see his other, SUPERBAD. His new film, ADVENTURELAND, stars indie star Jesse Eisenberg and of TWILIGHT infamy, Kristen Stewart who seems to actually give a damn unlike in her performance in TWILIGHT. I still can't get over the disappointment! Anyhoo, ADVENTURELAND looks really darn sweet and looks to have the samn sentiment that gave JUNO heart. Look for ADVENTURELAND March 27th of 2009.

Next up, the one, the only, the chosen one, Potter, Harry. The latest international trailer was released a week or so ago and it's...exciting alright. Since we were swindled into watching TWILIGHT this month instead of HARRY POTTER as originally planned, we now get to wait all the way until July 17th. Yay.

Darren Aronofsky should already be etched into our film lexicon and THE WRESTLER should only force us etch it deeper. Aronofsky reminds me of those early auteurs much like our current generation's Shyamalan or Wes Anderson. But Aronofsky falls into a different category altogether, not auteur but not journeyman either. If you didn't see the jump from PI to REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, then surely you could see the jump from REQUIEM to THE FOUNTAIN. Did you see THE FOUNTAIN? Why haven't you seen THE FOUNTAIN yet? And now, we have THE WRESTLER. Micky Rourke plays wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson whose days headlining during the 80's have now turned into short stints in small gyms and community centers. After a serious heart attack Randy is forced to retire and finds his already hollowed life now further in disarray. Never one to keep relationships for long, Randy must fill the gaps in his life whichever way he can befriending a stripper (Marisa Tomei) and re-connecting with his estranged daughter (Evan Rachel Woods). Since its premiere early this year at festivals, this film has been getting all sorts of praise. December 19th.

Now, let's journey back to before the Starfleet Enterprise, before Captain Kirk, to when officers of the Enterprise were just lowly control bridge ornaments, well not really. STAR TREK. May 8, 2009.

And lastly tonight, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. The new film by Sam Mendes starring DiCaprio and Winslet tells the story of youth, love, and adulthood with all its bells and whiplashes. A beautiful trailer for a surely beautiful film, and not in the pretentious way. A Christmas film indeed. December 26th.

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