Tuesday, May 20, 2008

THE STRANGERS: a lesson in film marketing piracy

So for some reason, several of my friends are getting their underoos in a delightful twist over the new Liv Tyler horror flick THE STRANGERS. I did like the trailer that came out a month or so ago but I'm just not getting the hype. Yes, I do like the masked house guest thing they have going but my problem with recent Hollywood horror movies have been that they all seem to be made for lowest common denominator. I've recently seen some great foreign horror films that have been super enjoyable including THE ORPHANAGE which I very much suggest. Among those I'd also count the awesome FUNNY GAMES (yes, I'd categorize both versions of the film into the horror genre because they're that frakin' good).
Well today I bring you the newest STRANGERS poster. It's rather nice I must admit but something is just a little too familiar about it. Take a look below right after the jump.
This is a great unconventional poster for a horror movie. Wait, you know, this exact concept would have been great as a poster for WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, substituting Liv Tyler for Cameron Diaz of course. Anyhoo I'm getting off topic. Great poster right? I think so too, but it really does seem like a close duplicate of the poster for FUNNY GAMES with Naomi Watts. Here, take a look...
Why would they do that man? Well, one reason is that FUNNY GAMES had an extremely small US release and chances are that most people didn't watch that film. So there, it's not necessarily stealing the idea, hell that's what advertising is all about, "just built over solid foundations."

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the movie looks like a stinker, I'm just not as hyped about it because of similar recent American films. I do like that the trailer makes it seem like the film has more of the subtle frights rather than the magnanimous music leading up to a women opening her dresser drawer only to be scared shitless by the fact that someone has snuck into her room and arranged her thongs by brand, then fabric, then color. Chances are that THE STRANGERS will be exponentially better than last year's UNTRACEABLE, or was that this year? Point proven.

Is it just me or...and it probably is just me, but don't both posters make both of these gorgeous women look even hotter? There's only one correct answer. Yes.