Thursday, April 10, 2008

Behind-the-scenes of TWILIGHT

I have something. It's a behind-the-scenes exclusive that ET got of the new film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's New York Times Best Seller, "Twilight." YAY. The tentative release date for TWILIGHT has been set for December 12th of this year; I'm glad there's something to look forward to after the extreme comic book film blowout of this summer. Again, TWILIGHT is being directed by Catherine Hardwicke who has also directed THIRTEEN and LORDS OF DOGTOWN. I'm excited. You?
I guess I'm happy with the casting so far with Kristen Stewart playing Bella, and Robert Pattinson playing Edward. A friend of mine did mention how she would've really liked Emily Browning (A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS) to play Bella. Too bad, though Emily was a prime candidate for the role. She can next be seen in THE UNINVITED. Head below after the clip for a small gallery for my little star crush on Emily Browning.


You are not ready for this....seriously

If you're into Asian splatter cinema at all, you'll be interested in this. THE MACHINE GIRL came out a little while ago and the trailer basically looked like a stranger version of Robert Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR. Plainly, a girl's family is murdered by a band of Yakuza but decide to keep her alive, but not before slicing off her arm. She then goes on a revenge frenzy by killing them all not with a single gun or katana KILL BILL style...but by attaching a melee of different weapons to the stub of her arm. You haven't seen this trailer but please watch it below before you proceed and I show you the creators' next splatter extravaganza, TOKYO GORE POLICE.


Okay, so now that you've seen that gem, now for something a little less straight forward. This film has a plot, I'm almost certain, or at least that's what I'm convincing myself of. Somehow the plot revolves around a special police unit, demon creatures, blood, sexy women, blood, crocodiles, beheadings, and more blood. I'm really not quite sure how else to explain TOKYO GORE POLICE, so I guess I'll just let you make up your own assessment.
Due to scenes of extreme violence and nudity, please only view this trailer if you are over the age of 18

Is it just me or...
does that one creature with swords for legs look like something out of the Silent Hill games?