Monday, June 30, 2008

QUANTUM OF SOLACE trailer; Question: Can a trailer capture all the love, angst, and badassery of the final film? This trailer answers yes...

...then it kicks your ass for asking such a stupid question! Here it is, the trailer for Bond #22, QUANTUM OF SOLACE. If you watched the first one and had any form of a working heart, then you most likely had adrenaline flowing through you for most of the film. I believe this film hopes to do the same only this time, sending you into cardiac arrest, in a good way (this film will not send you into cardiac arrest) (it might, I'm not sure, it would depend on pre-existing conditions or whether you have a medical emergency while watching the film). QUANTUM picks up right where CASINO ROYALE left off, with Bond catching Mr. White and finding out who it is he works for. If you saw THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY, which I highly recommend for it was one of the best I've seen, then you know who plays the villain in this film, Mathieu Amalric. Well, just watch the trailer and we'll talk about it later. Enjoy.


Chainsaw Maid; the zombie claymation short to rule all zombie claymation shorts

I find some great things online to post on the site but stop short thinking no one except me would be interested in them. Thus wass the case here. I remember seeing this YouTube short in the beginning of the year and thought it was the neatest claymation I'd seen in a while. I used to be a big fan of Knox's Korner and all other well crafted claymation shorts I could find. Takena is the creator of the short you are about to watch, Chainsaw Maid. Really good quality stuff. The pitch is simple. Father and daughter are at home being attended to by their maid when a bloodied woman comes to warn them about something. Check out Takena's YouTube page HERE. And also check out the above mentioned site, Knox's Korner. They've both got some great and funny stuff. Enjoy.
Thanks to Quiet Earth for bringing Chainsaw Maid back into the spotlight.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Christian Bale is Bruce Wayne is freaking awesome is Batman

What's fun to notice in this interview with Christian Bale is him moving in and out of his Welsh and American accent. During press day in Beverly Hills, Chuck the Movie Guy got a few minutes to sit down with Mr. Bale, the definitive Bruce Wayne for the new generation, and ask some hard hitting questions. I love interviews.
But after your finished with this one below, head over to to see exclusive interviews with most of the cast of THE DARK KNIGHT including Bale, Freeman, Caine, Eckhart, Gyllenhaal, Nestor Carbonell, Anthony Michael Hall, and the man behind it all Mr. Christopher Nolan. Again, click HERE to see all of those.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Larry David asks you to help a bald brother out

Funny or Die has been paving the way with strange viral PSA ads and such and today Larry David asks you to help fight the big fight against cancer. But it's Larry David, so of course things aren't as plain as cream cheese and Texas toast.


THE DARK KNIGHT international trailer; three weeks until the Joker upsets the established order

I spent the first half of this month blogging my little heart out but I've been busy lately so if you're wondering why there haven't been many updates (and I know you've all been wondering), that's why. Next topic up for presentation is the international trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT which is just now under three weeks from release. Have you gotten your midnight tickets for IMAX? No? You need to soon if you want to watch it on midnight because they are selling like sun tan lotion on Mercury. So far, and are reporting that ticket sales for the midnight showings and early morning showings for July 18th are eight times that of the sales for SPIDERMAN 3. Well to add to prior anticipation and excitement is the new trailer which doesn't quite pack the punch the earlier trailers did, but does introduce a few new scenes and beautiful lines delivered masterfully from Mr. Ledger. Also, /Film has posted the latest five TV Spots for TDK and you can find those right HERE. Enjoy.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

EAGLE EYE trailer: Like SAW, but with higher stakes. Wait, didn't SAW already have high stakes?

Okay now, watch it again and about 1:30 seconds into the trailer when they are running through the fields, tell me it doesn't remind you of SE7EN. "WHAT'S IN THE BOX ?!!"
So there's the trailer. Nice huh? I'm sorry, I really like Shia LeBeouf but I'm ready for him to show some range. He played a rebellious kid under house arrest. He played a rebellious kid housing giant transforming robots.He played a rebellious kid that goes spelunking alongside Indiana Jones. And now, well, he's the same only he plays a pre-adult. Still, looks intriguing. The film opens wide September 26th, the same day as Spike Lee's MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA.


Gotham Tonight Profile: Bruce Wayne

The Gotham Cable News Network is running a series of profiles on the men and women who define the city of Gotham. Today, the GCN brings us a profile on the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne. Wayne's parents were shot and killed outside of Gotham's famous opera house when Bruce was just a young boy. Since then, much has changed in Bruce Wayne's life.
Find out more in the video below but I would suggest watching the clip straight from The Gotham Cable News Network. Enjoy. Tune in again in two week when Gotham Tonight presents a profile on Gotham Police Lieutenant, Jim Gordon.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eliza Skinner: Internet/NYC funny girl... P.S. I want feel her up

So, I'm scanning Funny Or Die as I do from time to time and I came across Eliza Skinner. She only has 3 videos posted on Funny Or Die but that's no reason to get all in a huff, she has a large goody bag full of more enjoyable, laughable material on her blog site. Seriously, not only does she have entertaining material, but she's damn good at writing it, too. Whether she's talking about life-giving, vomit slugs (internal photographs of an ovary), or a list of what girl want (a list of what girls want), she's definitely a funny voice to hear out (not literally funny voice, it's just a metaphor for Eliza).
There are thousands of funny people out there and not enough of them receive the credit they deserve but I can only promote so much, the rest is up to you (you). Here is a video of Eliza's from Funny Or Die entitled, "Amy at the club." Hit the jump below to watch her others. Enjoy.

And in case you didn't catch it the first time, Eliza's blog,


Saturday, June 21, 2008

TAKEN finally gets a US trailer; in other news, Liam Neeson just bought you

There's this great Greek site that I visit from time to time which always seems to get certain movie trailer about three to four weeks before other US sites get word of them, and in this case, about two months ago. TAKEN stars Liam Neeson as a father to a teenager who gets kidnapped in Paris. Things turn bad (for the baddies) when Neeson comes after them to kick their asses because Neeson doubles as a badass, as well. TAKEN opens September 19th here in the states. Enjoy the trailer, it reminds me a little of A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, but will probably be better than VIOLENCE; sorry David Cronenberg, I still love you.


Friday, June 20, 2008

/Film has PINEAPPLE EXPRESS photos...and now I do too

It's the magic of the internet, but I'm crediting them, so it's all kosher. Yep, we have some new PINEAPPLE EXPRESS photos about that movie that's coming out August 8th, about Dale and Saul who are on the run from the city's biggest drug dealer. Keep reading to check out the rest of the photos.


MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR trailer: Is MUMMY 3 what INDY 4 should've been?

So ya, I got an email this morning from Papa John's pizza demanding I watch the new trailer for MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR in delicious Quicktime HD. So I did. And it's good, well, just as good as the first trailer, more or less the same. But watching the trailer got me thinking. Watching it gave me the standard action movie, tomb raiding high I got when also watching the INDY 4 trailer, but, as we all know, that movie didn't quite delivery as to what we expected (but that's a whole separate argument for another time). SO I asked myself, "Would Universal and the producers of the first two films put out the same jumbled mumbo jumbo that was THE MUMMY RETURNS?" I don't think so. One problem I had with INDY 4 was that it just wasn't the adventure I was expecting from an INDY film. I was craving a traditional tomb raiding epic, but what we got was...well, come up with your own second-rate, half-way thought through, sci-fi production.
This film does look promising even though Rachel Weisz passed on the screenplay, though we can only wait for the product to roll into theaters nationwide on August 1st. Well, here's the new trailer. Enjoy.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BANGKOK DANGEROUS; Remember when Nick Cage made FACE OFF and it was my favorite movie for a while. Well, I was 10. It's time for him to grow up, too.

So here's a clip for BANGKOK DANGEROUS that's been surfing the intertubes and it looks...well it looks like any Chinese made action movie- quick edits and all. Good thing is that the Pang Brothers have done this one too who also did the original but Nick Cage's version is slightly different. Just watch the clip and make up your own mind.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ONG BAK 2 starring Tony "Elephant Walker" Jaa- meaning he walks on elephants, not he takes elephants on walks, that would be far less entertaining

Seriously, if you were a fan of the first ONG BAK, and even if you weren't, maybe you're just a fan of martial arts and muay thai, either way you have to watch the promo reel for the second film. The story isn't really related to the first film at all, except that Tony Jaa kicks many an ass in this movie too. What's really cool about this promo is that it's the first time I've seen him fight with weapons. I don't know if I like it but still, it's pretty badass. Check out the video below thanks to Twitch.


BURN AFTER viewing the new poster

I just want to point out that I should really be writing for I was just reading an article about the new BURN AFTER READING poster and no offense to Omar Aviles but he screwed up the premise of the movie. I know, right. Well anyhoo, there's a new poster for BURN AFTER READING and it reminds me of the old throwback posters of the 60's and 70's kind of like the poster for DR. STRANGELOVE and Hitchcock's VERTIGO. No more babbling, there's the poster.


VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA trailer: The only three women I'd ever need

Those of you that are familiar with Woody Allen's work know that he rarely tries to put out the same movie twice. But those of you who are familiar with Woody Allen's work know that he does however sometimes make similar movie sometimes. I recently revisited some of his older work from the 70's and comparing them to his newer stuff, especially VICKY CHRISTINA, he's back and dancing around that same dance floor.
The film stars Rebecca Hall, who I loved in STARTER FOR 10, and Scarlett Johanson as Vicky and Christina. Together, they take a luxurious vacation to beautiful Barcelona and meet a womanizing painter, Juan (Javier Bardem). Oh ya, and Juan is still involved somewhat with his ex-wife Maria played by my 5-year high school crush, Penelope Cruz. Yes, besides PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, TROPIC THUNDER, and BURN AFTER READING, this is definitely a comedy I'm anticipating. And to quench your thirst for three beautiful woman, here's the trailer for VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA. To watch the lustful, girl-on-girl teaser, hit the jump below after the trailer. The film opens wide August 29th.


Monday, June 16, 2008


I must apologize in advance for not being born in the late 50's or early 60's and therefore not watching the original series on television. Still, the original GET SMART had a large cult following and many of its antics are known all over, or maybe it's just me, like the catchphrase, "Missed it by that much," I love that. This new 2008 movie adaptation of the show stars Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart aka Agent 86, Anne Hathaway as Agent 99, Alan Arkin as the Chief and Dwayne Johnson as Agent 23. It's good to know that Mel Brooks was consulted for this film as he wasn't for some of the previous iterations of the series. Keep reading on for the rest of my review.
So let's start at the end. There will be a sequel, maybe even a whole franchise, I'm sure of it, and that is fine. I would really enjoy seeing Carell as Max Smart in another two of three SMART films. But, things might have to get worse before they get any better. The films start with a quirky Max Smart going through his regular morning rituals of getting ready for work. Through little Post-It notes left around the house we find out the Smart is a lonely yet funny man who enjoys his work and also that exam results will be in today for whether or not Smart made Agent status. Smart works for a secret government organization (among many) named CONTROL and are housed under Washington D.C. Basically, Smart have been an analyst for CONTROL, one of the best I might add, and only hopes now to be promoted to Agent status. It's at HQ that we are introduced to several other characters played by bumbling funnyman David Koechner of Anchorman fame, Terry Crews, Masi Oka of HEROES, and Nate Torrence.
Smart is denied a promotion for being too good at his analyst position but is soon after made partner to Agent 99 (Hathaway) after the HQ is broken into and Agents' identities are known, CONTROL has been compromised. So begins the journey of our little tugboat that must find, together with his partner, known accomplices and ultimately find the whereabouts of opposing terrorist organization, KAOS.Filmmakers did a great job of balances the action and comedy as well as mixing it well with the romance between Agent 86 and 99 though it was off kilter at times. My advice to Anne Hathaway is to be more convincing. It's not that her acting was completely off, she is great but at times seemed to have half-assed her performance. The chemistry between Hathaway and Carell doesn't always flow smoothly. Many of the jokes get great laughs thanks to Carell's excellent timing and delivery but other jokes throughout the film fall flat. What doesn't fall flat though are Anne Hathaway's looks. Oof! I have always loved her soft look and pale white skin. Mmhmm.
I know I didn't catch all of the references to the GET SMART series but I caught several. Aside from the gadgets, characters and well known phrases all gave nod to their origin. All in all, after watching this, I realized that it gave us nothing more than what JOHNNY ENGLISH, with Rowan Atkinson, gave us which I enjoyed very much. I think I would really like to see Carell take on another GET SMART mission but it's going to have to be bigger, better and aiming for quality. It's a fun watch but unless you take a friend or a date, keep your $8 a little longer and just rent it on DVD/BluRay.
GET SMART gets a 7.2/10
Below, for you viewing pleasure, I have a few pictures of Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell. Enjoy.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

BOTTLE SHOCK trailer: Captain Kirk is was a hippie

Dammit, I couldn't beat I had seen the trailer for this a while back but couldn't find an embeddable copy anywhere on the net. Well, I found one, and it's here for you to watch as well. BOTTLE SHOCK stars Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman and a personal favorite, Chris Pine. Pine was recently in SMOKIN' ACES, a pandemic film called CARRIERS and will soon play young Captain Kirk in the new STAR TREK film. Check out the trailer for BOTTLE SHOCK below and lookout for Chris Pine in the future.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

HULK on Kimmel: Ed Norton deals with his "angry" issues

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel had on his favorite parking lot attendant, Guillermo , on the show to talk about his part in the BOURNE ULTIMATUM film. This week, Guillermo is back on the show and Kimmel plays a clip of him in THE INCREDIBLE HULK film. It took me forever to find a clip I could post but alas comes to the rescue again.


Alternate DARK KNIGHT trailer sidelined for good reason

This trailer for the DARK KNIGHT is supposedly an earlier cut that was kept from distribution. It's fun to watch the few extra scenes not present in the high res versions we did get but the trailer as a whole is missing some of the kick that gets us when we watch either of the other two released trailers. Nonetheless, it is still DARK KNIGHT related and thus, is badass. Give it a view below, comrade.


Wanna see all of DEATH RACE? Just watch the trailer

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The trailer looks great. It's the closet we're going to get to a live-action version of TWISTED METAL. But this trailer suffers from a classic form of "movioso trailerbus." It's when the trailer for the film, in its effort to get audiences interested, show us too much footage from the film and end up giving away too much of the plot. "He's wrongfully accused. He was set up. There's the guy that set him up. He's gonna kill the guy that set him up." And even if they don't show the protagonist killing the bad guys, we get the idea that he not only kills the guy that set him up, but the whole operation behind the alleged set-up. Whatever, it still looks like a "Non-stop adrenaline shot to the brain."
"So much action, you'll feel like your eyes are being kicked in their individual nutsacks."
"This year's 300, but in the future and not the past, and with cars, and guns not swords, and Tyrese."


Friday, June 13, 2008

ITALIAN SPIDERMAN Episode 1 has some great news and exclusives all the time. I was browsing the site and came across this, episodes of ITALIAN SPIDERMAN. I present it here for you to watch just like I had to, sans explanation. Gustare !!


METAL GEAR Retrospective Part 6, The Finale

So here were are, METAL GEAR SOLID 4 has been released, countless millions are cooped up in their dimly lit rooms still playing through the epic final mission of Solid Snake and the world will be forever changed. And here I am, not playing it even though I have the Limited Edition copy of the game sitting in the next room because my Limited Edition METAL GEAR PS3 doesn't arrive via FedEx until tomorrow. *pouts*
Still, you most probably aren't playing it either because you are here reading this and that is equally as sad, though I admire your support. We've been following as they have been counting down the release of MGS4 with an in depth Retrospective of the entire series and they have been doing a better job than anyone could've asked for. In the last Part of their Retrospective, we are treated to a play by play of the entire timeline of the METAL GEAR series and yet you may still be confused about the story but fear not because you have me to answer any questions you may still have. Now, for the last Part of the METAL GEAR Retrospective, here is Part 6. Enjoy.


Who wants a TWILIGHT e-card? No one? Well take one anyway !!

So here I am not sleeping and come across this nifty e-card for TWILIGHT. "Neat-o," I say and fill one out for a few friends and thought, why not post it on the site? So here it is. Fill it out, send it to some buddies and fellow Twilighters and let them know that GreenHouseFilmReviews made this all possible.



I had the pleasure of hearing Spike Lee speak at USF a couple of months ago and it was incredibly inspiring. He spoke of his youth, his education, his pains and tribulations, his breaking in, his fallings apart, his struggle through the system, and he spoke of his how every one of us has it in them to excel and become someone. Truly inspiring. Watching the films in Lee's filmography, it's so interesting to see where he has started and where he has gone but all the while keeping his uniqueness present throughout. MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA looks very promising. I can see why Lee would choose this project but watching this trailer, it seems like a step in a very different direction for Spike Lee. Not that someone of his place can't do a story like this, absolutely not. No, watching this trailer, the direction and photography seems completely foreign to me from what I would normally expect from a Spike Lee Joint. His recent films, INSIDE MAN in particular, showed off many new technical feats in my opinion. Just the swooping of certain shots, the editing from cut to cut and scene to scene, not only was the story enveloping, it was amazingly fun to watch. Here, MIRACLE shows off so much more. Certain scenes give off the ATONEMENT vibe as well as certain CHILDREN OF MEN crane shots. A Spike Lee cast give it a great ring to which he has also added Joseph Gordon Levitt who is on my "Top 10 under 30" list. Honestly, the opinion is for you to form, so just enjoy the trailer for now.


Thursday, June 12, 2008


If you saw INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, then you most likely also saw a strange trailer beforehand staring Brad Pitt and some Tim Burton-esque music. For a while the only version of that trailer out on the internet was a bad bootleg Spanish version of the trailer but now, it's finally online, and it's...oh so curious. Directed by the never-disappointing David Fincher about a man, Benjamin Button (Pitt), who is born in the 1920's in his eighties and ages backwards throughout the years. The film also stars my Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton and also Taraji P. Henson. The film will brighten out Holiday this year when it is released just before Christmas. So here, let the curiosity begin.


METAL GEAR Retrospective Part 5

Today is a big day for me. Why? Because I just picked up my copy of METAL GEAR SOLID 4. Most of you will not share in my excitement but that okay; I'm probably excited enough for all of the eastern sea board. But that's not all, as we've been covering's look back at all things METAL GEAR, today they bring us Part 5 of their Retrospective. This particular video dusts off the old GameBoy color and other portable units like the PSP and breaks down the stories of the lesser known hand-held efforts.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vin Diesel is the last action hero in BABYLON A.D.

Vin Diesel, yes, the guy from THE PACIFIER, is finally trying to break out of his children's PG movie mold by, get this- playing a ex-veteran mercenary who takes a dangerous job in which he must escort a gorgeous young woman from Mother Russia to Father China in a futuristic BLADE RUNNER-esque world. Strangely enough, the woman is special. No, she isn't the only pregnant female in a infertile population, she is actually host to an organism that a cult direly wants to produce it's own genetically engineered version of the Messiah. Wicked. So ya, the trailer is actually really fun and impressive and looks to be a great watch. Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, who I believe was in Spielberg's MUNICH, also directed the only film that has made Penelope Cruz look unattractive, GOTHIKA.
But this, BABYLON A.D. does look very...exciting. The trailer looks like a futuristic version of THE TRANSPORTER complete with bald headed protagonist, mixed with a CHILDREN OF MEN-ish plotline with REQUIEM FOR A DREAM soundtrack, yes it does look intense indeed. Don't take my word for it though, here's the trailer from IGN. Baw się dobrze.


American WANTED red band

Nothing new here. Refer to the Russian red band trailer which is still a bit more exciting but at least in the American one here, Morgan Freeman drops the F-bomb.
Still, give it a watch and anticipate WANTED which opens June 27th.


Monday, June 9, 2008

It's a WATCHMEN extravaganza !!

So, has been posting set visits and behind-the-scenes chronicles from WATCHMEN over the past few months since it went into production. WATCHMEN was originally a graphic novel written by the amazing Allan Moore and illustrated by equally amazing Dave Gibbons. I first read part of the graphic novel when I was younger, about 6 years ago, and was completely lost. When I finally revisited it about 3 years ago, I was blown away. There is a reason why the film has been through so many directors and writers. WATCHMEN is much bigger than everything else. There are not many storylines and plots that I keep in my personal pantheon, but this is definitely up there. Head over to that official site and read a synopsis before heading to Barnes & Noble or Borders, or Amazon and to buy this because it's absolutely worth it.
Oh right, the post. Ok so, Zack Snyder, the man/director making the film adaptation a reality, has been doing his best to update the site with little tidbits from the set and that includes short Video Journals which will lead up to the film's release on March 6th, 2009. I bring you today, part 3 of the 12 part series which is respectively titled, "Stunts." Very cool stuff, very cool stuff indeed. Continue reading below for the first two entries in the Video Journal series as well as character photos and other photos. It's a WATCHMEN extravaganza. Enjoy.

WATCHMEN Video Journal 1: Sets

WATCHMEN Video Journal 2: Costumes

Character portraits

Nite Owl
The Comedian
Silk Spectre
The Original Minutemen


DONKEY PUNCH: Lesser known brother of Rhino Jab

I remember seeing the poster for this film (see Figure 1a) almost a year ago I believe. I just recently saw the trailer for it and just thought others might enjoy, or not. DONKEY PUNCH finally opens wide in the UK July 18th, which would be completely disastrous if THE DARK KNIGHT also opened in the UK that day. The trailer is reminiscent of films like the Oscar-worthy I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and looks like a mash-up of SPEED 2:CRUISE CONTROL and THE HILLS HAVE EYES. Still, it looks fun and it's something I'll want to watch when it's out on DVD. Check out the trailer below and remember that "You don't have to do drugs to be dope."


VALKYRIE trailer

I really didn't want the title for this to be anything quirky because in truth, I have been very much looking forward to Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS follow-up film, VALKYRIE. I've been out of town for a couple days and I'm back with an all new trailer for the film about the planned assassination of the leader of the Third Reich, dictator, and the man responsible for the death of over 40 million people, Adolf Hitler. Although Operation Valkyrie was a failure, Singer's film looks to be as much a dramatic performance capture as history lesson.
Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but when it comes to on-screen delivery, the man is among the best. The film includes an amazing cast with actors Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Christian Berkel, David Schofield, Terrence Stamp, Eddie Izzard and many more. After And here, is the trailer for VALKYRIE. The film opens June 27th. Genießen


Friday, June 6, 2008

TWILIGHT's Rob and Kristen MTV Movie Awards interview

MTV Movie Awards were a few nights ago and there are tons of great clips from it but since you can find those on tons of site all over the interweb, I'll save them for a W(what)T(the)V(video)?! post several months from now. What is hot topic no matter what day it is here on GreenHouseFilmReviews is TWILIGHT. I have two quick interview clips from pre-Awards show out on the Gold Carpet with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart who respectively play Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.
It's great to see them both promoting the film but, and I know that they are still fairly young actors, but aren't they just the worst at PR? I mean, watching Rob even in other interviews for TWILIGHT, the guy just says the wrong stuff...all the time. Oh well, as long as he has the acting talent, he'll be fine by me (if anything can be learned from Tom Cruise's escapades). Well, here's part one of the interview. Hit the jump below part two. Catch ya later Twilighters.

Is it just me or...would anyone else want Ellen Page to play Bella? How great would that be? Really great, that's how great.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

METAL GEAR Retrospective Part Four

Part Four of's METAL GEAR Retospective is here. If you've somehow managed to miss Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of this Retrospective, well then, shame on you. We have no time for chit chat right now, how about we just jump straight into the video for Part Four? Yes? Okay.


WTV=What The Video?!

I didn't want to have to start up a portion of the site called Video of the Day or anything, but I want there to be something under which I can post fun videos I find over the interweb. So today, I bring you a video form some guys, Payman and Sean, who I have been a fan of since they started up. There began as Awkward Pictures and have now started a skit comedy show called Comedy Gumbo which will be premiering on Sony's YouTube page, C-Spot, where you can subscribe and watch all sorts of great videos. Payman and Sean's Comedy Gumbo will premiere on June 20th so don't miss out.
Here is a brand new video from them parodying a Nintendo Wii commercial. It's fun but I encourage you all to visit their site and watch all of their other videos, you'll love them.


Breaking: Never before seen DARK KNIGHT trailer

I was just browsing the inter-waves and came across this never before seen DARK KNIGHT trailer with new footage on So click the link below and ejoy, I know I did.

THE DARK KNIGHT trailer never before seen

July 18th isn't that far away now, can you feel tension and shooting pains in your left arm? Oh, wait, it's just me. But seriously, July 18th, let's go see it in IMAX.


Monday, June 2, 2008

RESIDENT EVIL 5: Zombies in Africa; no donations required

This isn't movie-related per se, but videogames are becoming more and more cinematic in both their approach and their presentation. I've brought several trailers and behind-the-scene looks at other games such as Metal Gear Solid and today I bring you something right up its alley, only with more...zombies. Yes, here is a beautiful new full length trailer for RESIDENT EVIL 5, the videogame. Don't be put off by the fact that it's a game, take a look at it. The gameplay is right there with RE4, but a little grittier, bloodier, creature-ier, and yes, zombier, not to mention how beautiful it'll look on next-gen consoles. So here, watch it, like it, love it, whatever, just enjoy the claustrophobia.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Update: MTV exclusive TWILIGHT clip

As we speak, shenanigans and crazy happenings are happening on the MTV Movie Awards. But we all know what the important part of tonight was: the TWILIGHT clip. Below, I teased about it appearing tonight at the grand show, and it's here. So without further interruption, here's the clip in all it's glory and low light.

Personally, the scene almost isn't working for me, but then I remember that it's TWILIGHT, and that makes it all better. I know this scene isn't in the book and that the book just skips from James beating Bella like a drum for a while and then skips straight to him being dead so I hope they make it an exciting fight.


TWILIGHT at MTV Movie Awards

See, when I'm the only one updating this site, it makes it hard to cover all the things I want everyone to know. But still, I soldier onwards.
So, as most of you know, The MTV Movie Awards is later today and along with all the stars and legends that frequent the MTV stages, so do the losers of the greater Hollywood area like P. Hilton, L. Lohan, and B. Bird. Okay, maybe not Big Bird, but you get me. Among the shows great skits and appearances, tonight will feature something I'm most excited about. No, not Jack Black in a Panda suit, an exclusive clip from TWILIGHT.
Recently MTV ran a contest for bloggers and the winner would get flown to MTV to be a guest blogger and write about their entire MTV Movie Awards experience. She, Laura Culpepper, lucky. I would love to win something like that. That's not my point though, my point is that she was able to watch that exclusive clip before the rest of the world and she even mocked us in a video blog. Here, watch for yourself.

I also have a few more TWILIGHT videos after the jump if you're interested. Of course you're interested, what a stupid thing to say.

Here's a video with Laura and Robert Pattinson being fun but also sort of acting like a douche.

And here is just something short to remind us all about TWILIGHT.