Friday, June 27, 2008

THE DARK KNIGHT international trailer; three weeks until the Joker upsets the established order

I spent the first half of this month blogging my little heart out but I've been busy lately so if you're wondering why there haven't been many updates (and I know you've all been wondering), that's why. Next topic up for presentation is the international trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT which is just now under three weeks from release. Have you gotten your midnight tickets for IMAX? No? You need to soon if you want to watch it on midnight because they are selling like sun tan lotion on Mercury. So far, and are reporting that ticket sales for the midnight showings and early morning showings for July 18th are eight times that of the sales for SPIDERMAN 3. Well to add to prior anticipation and excitement is the new trailer which doesn't quite pack the punch the earlier trailers did, but does introduce a few new scenes and beautiful lines delivered masterfully from Mr. Ledger. Also, /Film has posted the latest five TV Spots for TDK and you can find those right HERE. Enjoy.

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