Thursday, May 15, 2008

Backlot photos of TWILIGHT aka Trees and the people who hug them

Well, the TWI-fo ("TWILIGHT info" remember? still doesn't work does it?) just keeps on rolling huh? Today, the LA Times' David Strick is the one to bring us great behind-the-scenes photos from the backlot. Strick has put together a new feature entitled "Hollywood Backlot" where he'll basically be bringing us all photographs from the set of different films. What better way to break in his new feature than to pay a visit to the set of our beloved TWILIGHT. Below, I've posted several photographs from his visit but I also have the link to the LA Times and specifically the Hollywood Backlot page where you can find all 24 photographs from the set. Enjoy.

Here are just a few of the photos. Just click on them to enlarge.

For all 24 of the shots, head over to the Hollywood Backlot page at the LA Times.


Crime? In America? You must be mistaken

There is a trailer I really want you guys to watch. This film is going to be my next FRAILTY, I can just feel it. The film to which I'm referring is of course, AN AMERICAN CRIME. You probably haven't heard a lick about it. It stars Catherine Keener who I must say gets better and better with every film she does, she's like Michael Caine, but not old, nor a man. Ok, how about we just compare her to Laura Linney. Better.
Anyhoo, CRIME also stars the lovable, huggable, impregnate-able Ellen Page. Oh, also, upcoming film stoner James Franco's in it. You already heard me compare the film to FRAILTY and I don't want to say much more about the film, I just want you to watch the trailer and tell me what you think. Capiche?
The first link below is for a fullscreen Windows Media player version and the second is just a link to the site wear you can view a smaller version of the trailer. Choose wisely. Choose the fullscreen. And here, we...go.

Watch the fullscreen Windows Media player version

Just be a loser and watch it off of the site