Saturday, July 12, 2008

Update: MAX PAYNE trailer shoots two guns at you while jumping through the air in super slo-mo !! And now, so do the photos

The story that began in the first MAX PAYNE game was a good one but I still like the second game much better only because the game itself was put together a lot better. Mark Wahlberg stars in the MAX PAYNE film as... Max Payne. I thought this film would be more or less what the HITMAN film was but this trailer shows that it's a going to be, a lot better? Maybe. I hope so at least. Here, watch below, I'm sure it's a bit different than what you may have been expecting from a videogame based movie. Enjoy.


CHOKE on some of this red band trailer

CHOKE, one of the several Palahniuk books I haven't read yet. So far, I've completed FIGHT CLUB and HAUNTED both of which were fun reads but HAUNTED really didn't hold up for me in the end. Back to CHOKE again, a spankin' new red band trailer has been released for CHOKE and it basically shows as much uncensored footage as a red band trailer possibly can though scenes are still censored! This movie is going to be a riot, I can just feel it- not exactly the best word choice but it fits. The trailers have both shown very few scenes of actual choking, though and I'm not even going to cue you in on the plot if you don't already know. Check out the new red band trailer HERE and also check out the official site for all kinds of CHOKE goodies like photo galleries and cast info.

You think maybe I could replace one of your legs with an assault rifle? I'll tip ya...I do too look like Captain SparrowIt doesn't help that the meat was blessed by a RabbiThis isn't so much a caption as it is me confessing my admiration and attraction to Kelly MacDonald


OUTLANDER trailer; before there were Cowboys and Aliens, there were Nordic Vikings and Aliens

I like Jim Caviezel. He seems like one of those "no nonsense" actors I'd group together with others like Christian Bale and Guy Pearce. Anyhoo, he's starring in a new film called, OUTLANDER. Don't get this confused with last year's PATHFINDER which or WALKER: TEXAS RANGER Season 4. This film will most likely not open as big as 300, maybe along the lines of 10,000 BC, but I can assure you it will be better than 10,000 BC, by far.
The story is of Kainan (Caviezel) whose space craft crash lands in Norway in 709 AD. A humongous space dragon also crash lands and Kainan basically work with the Vikings of the land to destroy the monster, Moorwen. I think the trailer look really cool though I always seem to like historical fiction, especially historical science fiction, especially medieval historical science fiction. Click HERE to watch the trailer for the most electrifying make believe Nordic tale of all time.