Saturday, July 12, 2008

CHOKE on some of this red band trailer

CHOKE, one of the several Palahniuk books I haven't read yet. So far, I've completed FIGHT CLUB and HAUNTED both of which were fun reads but HAUNTED really didn't hold up for me in the end. Back to CHOKE again, a spankin' new red band trailer has been released for CHOKE and it basically shows as much uncensored footage as a red band trailer possibly can though scenes are still censored! This movie is going to be a riot, I can just feel it- not exactly the best word choice but it fits. The trailers have both shown very few scenes of actual choking, though and I'm not even going to cue you in on the plot if you don't already know. Check out the new red band trailer HERE and also check out the official site for all kinds of CHOKE goodies like photo galleries and cast info.

You think maybe I could replace one of your legs with an assault rifle? I'll tip ya...I do too look like Captain SparrowIt doesn't help that the meat was blessed by a RabbiThis isn't so much a caption as it is me confessing my admiration and attraction to Kelly MacDonald

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