Saturday, July 12, 2008

Update: MAX PAYNE trailer shoots two guns at you while jumping through the air in super slo-mo !! And now, so do the photos

The story that began in the first MAX PAYNE game was a good one but I still like the second game much better only because the game itself was put together a lot better. Mark Wahlberg stars in the MAX PAYNE film as... Max Payne. I thought this film would be more or less what the HITMAN film was but this trailer shows that it's a going to be, a lot better? Maybe. I hope so at least. Here, watch below, I'm sure it's a bit different than what you may have been expecting from a videogame based movie. Enjoy.

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Karim said...

yo this trailer is crazzzzy son!! i can't wait for the movie to come out as I was a big fan of both the games, hope marky mark don't dissapoint