Friday, June 13, 2008


I had the pleasure of hearing Spike Lee speak at USF a couple of months ago and it was incredibly inspiring. He spoke of his youth, his education, his pains and tribulations, his breaking in, his fallings apart, his struggle through the system, and he spoke of his how every one of us has it in them to excel and become someone. Truly inspiring. Watching the films in Lee's filmography, it's so interesting to see where he has started and where he has gone but all the while keeping his uniqueness present throughout. MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA looks very promising. I can see why Lee would choose this project but watching this trailer, it seems like a step in a very different direction for Spike Lee. Not that someone of his place can't do a story like this, absolutely not. No, watching this trailer, the direction and photography seems completely foreign to me from what I would normally expect from a Spike Lee Joint. His recent films, INSIDE MAN in particular, showed off many new technical feats in my opinion. Just the swooping of certain shots, the editing from cut to cut and scene to scene, not only was the story enveloping, it was amazingly fun to watch. Here, MIRACLE shows off so much more. Certain scenes give off the ATONEMENT vibe as well as certain CHILDREN OF MEN crane shots. A Spike Lee cast give it a great ring to which he has also added Joseph Gordon Levitt who is on my "Top 10 under 30" list. Honestly, the opinion is for you to form, so just enjoy the trailer for now.

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