Friday, June 13, 2008

METAL GEAR Retrospective Part 6, The Finale

So here were are, METAL GEAR SOLID 4 has been released, countless millions are cooped up in their dimly lit rooms still playing through the epic final mission of Solid Snake and the world will be forever changed. And here I am, not playing it even though I have the Limited Edition copy of the game sitting in the next room because my Limited Edition METAL GEAR PS3 doesn't arrive via FedEx until tomorrow. *pouts*
Still, you most probably aren't playing it either because you are here reading this and that is equally as sad, though I admire your support. We've been following as they have been counting down the release of MGS4 with an in depth Retrospective of the entire series and they have been doing a better job than anyone could've asked for. In the last Part of their Retrospective, we are treated to a play by play of the entire timeline of the METAL GEAR series and yet you may still be confused about the story but fear not because you have me to answer any questions you may still have. Now, for the last Part of the METAL GEAR Retrospective, here is Part 6. Enjoy.

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