Tuesday, June 17, 2008

VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA trailer: The only three women I'd ever need

Those of you that are familiar with Woody Allen's work know that he rarely tries to put out the same movie twice. But those of you who are familiar with Woody Allen's work know that he does however sometimes make similar movie sometimes. I recently revisited some of his older work from the 70's and comparing them to his newer stuff, especially VICKY CHRISTINA, he's back and dancing around that same dance floor.
The film stars Rebecca Hall, who I loved in STARTER FOR 10, and Scarlett Johanson as Vicky and Christina. Together, they take a luxurious vacation to beautiful Barcelona and meet a womanizing painter, Juan (Javier Bardem). Oh ya, and Juan is still involved somewhat with his ex-wife Maria played by my 5-year high school crush, Penelope Cruz. Yes, besides PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, TROPIC THUNDER, and BURN AFTER READING, this is definitely a comedy I'm anticipating. And to quench your thirst for three beautiful woman, here's the trailer for VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA. To watch the lustful, girl-on-girl teaser, hit the jump below after the trailer. The film opens wide August 29th.

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