Monday, June 30, 2008

Chainsaw Maid; the zombie claymation short to rule all zombie claymation shorts

I find some great things online to post on the site but stop short thinking no one except me would be interested in them. Thus wass the case here. I remember seeing this YouTube short in the beginning of the year and thought it was the neatest claymation I'd seen in a while. I used to be a big fan of Knox's Korner and all other well crafted claymation shorts I could find. Takena is the creator of the short you are about to watch, Chainsaw Maid. Really good quality stuff. The pitch is simple. Father and daughter are at home being attended to by their maid when a bloodied woman comes to warn them about something. Check out Takena's YouTube page HERE. And also check out the above mentioned site, Knox's Korner. They've both got some great and funny stuff. Enjoy.
Thanks to Quiet Earth for bringing Chainsaw Maid back into the spotlight.

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