Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WTV=What The Video?!

I didn't want to have to start up a portion of the site called Video of the Day or anything, but I want there to be something under which I can post fun videos I find over the interweb. So today, I bring you a video form some guys, Payman and Sean, who I have been a fan of since they started up. There began as Awkward Pictures and have now started a skit comedy show called Comedy Gumbo which will be premiering on Sony's YouTube page, C-Spot, where you can subscribe and watch all sorts of great videos. Payman and Sean's Comedy Gumbo will premiere on June 20th so don't miss out.
Here is a brand new video from them parodying a Nintendo Wii commercial. It's fun but I encourage you all to visit their site and watch all of their other videos, you'll love them.

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