Thursday, July 31, 2008

High-res WATCHMEN screenshots and EMPIRE cover

EMPIRE has released their upcoming issue's cover and screenshots from WATCHMEN. If the film is already getting so much press and promotion, I wonder how it's going to be come January and February. I mean, not even DARK KNIGHT had these exclusives eight months before its release. As much as I love WATCHMEN, I also very much understand they way Alan Moore feels about the whole film situation. I guess I'm glad millions more people will be brought into the world of WATCHMEN and can appreciate the novel but at the same time, I really beg all of those people to read the novel before watching the film. I'm sure this will only make you appreciate the film even more. But there are plenty of amazing novels that have been adapted and are being adapted to the screen with just as many fans that feel the same way before they watch the film version of their novels, right?

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