Friday, July 18, 2008

TWILIGHT done right? I'm feeling more and more unsure

Well, what did you think? Want to hear my thoughts, of course you do. Why does it keep feeling more and more like a B-movie? I understand that for the screen, the peril needs to be kicked up a notch with the whole James angle but I seem to be having the same problem with his footage as I have with other vampire films in the past several years; it's the animalistic nature of the vampire just doesn't seem...right, or rather, it doesn't seem to be done right. I really like the first half of this trailer but TWILIGHT, as well as the other books, let us feel what Bella is feeling and focus more of the understanding of vampire kind and I'm hoping the film interprets that tactfully.
Whether we like or not, the film will be what it will be. I'm actually already looking forward to the second film with Jacob and the gang and how Catherine Hardwicke (or another director, if they choose to switch it up like the POTTER films) will create the werewolves; so far, UNDERWORLD has the lead.

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Mamadu said...

This movie looks retarded.