Thursday, July 17, 2008

WATCHMEN trailer !!...!!...!!!!!!!!!..!

Empire Online had the trailer up earlier in beautiful resolution but they have recently been requested to take it down as well as hundred of copies that were posted on YouTube. Don't worry, our beloved has the trailer and hopefully it won't be taken down.
My God it's finally happening, the WATCHMEN movie, it's almost a reality. Just several more months and Zack Snyder and crew will have completed an on screen adaptation of my most loved and the most lauded graphic novel of all-time.

This trailer is absolutely mind blowing especially if you are familiar with the graphic novel; I almost pissed my pants. It's nice to know that there is life after watching THE DARK KNIGHT. If you are going tonight to watch THE DARK KNIGHT for a midnight showing, then you will be the first ones to see this beautiful trailer on the big screen for I was only able to see trailers for TERMINATOR SALVATION and BODY OF LIES before my TDK screening. I'm sure it will be available tomorrow in HD so I'll have that up as soon as it's online.
If you aren't familiar with WATCHMEN, go back and flip through my WATCHMEN Extravaganza post and catch up on character photos, behind-the-scenes videos from the set as well as much more from the official site, Just watch the trailer again, go, be quick about it.

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