Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finally, the trailer for THE BROTHERS BLOOM; not to be confused with THE BROTHERS GRIMM, nor THE BROTHERS SOLOMON.

Rian Johnson. Remember that name because he's going places, and I want to be there supporting him and his work. BRICK, that should ring a bell, and if it doesn't... make it so that bell rings, soon. In his sophomore effort, Johnson has created THE BROTHERS BLOOM which tell the story of two con men/brothers (Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody) who decide to take on a final job that they believe to have planned out but of course, we all know what makes a good story, disorder. The film also stars the famous and beautiful Rachel Weisz and the famous and beautiful Rinko Kikuchi from BABEL fame.
Why should you be excited about this film? Not only did Johnson impress us all with BRICK, but just take a look at that cast. Another reason, Summit Entertainment. Remember years back when companies like Lionsgate, Weinstein Company, Screen Gems, and Magnolia were putting out all of these small and interesting films, well Summit is now taking that lead, well, in my opinion. For me, Summit is becoming a haven for fine films with recent releases: THE FALL, MICHAEL CLAYTON and ONCE; films that are coming soon: THE BROTHERS BLOOM, CITY OF EMBER, PUSH and HAPPY-GO-LUCKY; and films out by the end of the year: RED CLIFF, TWILIGHT, and THE TREE OF LIFE. Seriously, they are packing some great quality stuff that I am very much looking forward to, and you should be too. THE BROTHERS BLOOM opens wide the fall, October 24th.

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