Monday, April 21, 2008

Superman wants you to love him, and only him

So finally, Superman does what we wished he would've done to Lois Lane in the last movie. What am I talking about? Brandon Routh, the fella who played Clark Kent himself in SUPERMAN RETURNS trades in his spandex and underwear for no clothes at all in a new inde-ish flick LIE TO ME. The film is basically about a couple who decides to become swingers but eventually find themselves falling in love with other people. Superman can have that affect. Anyhoo, I love provocative films and although it seems like a strange next movie for Routh, I say whatever. I'm not the actor, he is. He could do EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS 2: DOUBLE THE LEGS; 16 LEGS, AHHH!!! for all I care. Check out the trailer for LIE TO ME below after the jump. The film premieres at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 26th.

Is it just me or...does it seem like Brandon Routh isn't that good of an actor? Wait, didn't I like SUPERMAN RETURNS? I thought I did. What's going on ?!

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