Friday, May 30, 2008

Review: TEETH

This post contains *SPOILERS*

Alright well, where do we, begin? Ah, the plot synopsis, not too difficult. A young Dawn (Jess Weixler) has always suspected something strange about herself. Even as a small child, situations occurred-she bit her step brother. Once grown and more mature, she decided abstinence was the right decision for her and chose her friends accordingly. She soon begins having feelings for a young man she meets but when the relationships goes awry, something inside of her takes over. Teeth.
This is the story of a girl who discovers that she possesses a unique condition in which her vagina has teeth. No molars or wisdom teeth-full on razor sharp chompers. She must learn what she is and how she must deal it. We soon notice that this condition not only affects her but those around her as well.
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Ok so, is it a comedy? Um, sort of. A horror? You could say that. Mystery? Like a who-dun-it kind of thing. So what is TEETH? It's all of them and none of them. My overlying thought throughout the film was that it was a pretty looking, bad B-movie, with one of thee best plots ever. But, I thought that through as the film went on I just couldn't decide. Well, I did enjoy much as I could. A big problem I had was that the director Mitchell Lichtenstein and producers just weren't setting the right tone. I definitely wanted it to be a dark comedy but it wasn't hitting the right switches. Had the complete music queues of a unintentionally comical horror film but that was just annoying and pretentious. Oh, and the nuclear power plant. Come on! They wanted us to believe that this condition was the result of some sort of mutation caused by the radiation from the plant behind the family's home. But they kept beating us over the head. Every other scene had Dawn riding her bike around town with the power plant in the background, puffing out clouds of chemical exhaust. I cringed.
Direction. Ugh. Lichtenstein had a great vision, really, I believe that, but it was missing a rawness that seemed to be replaced by unsure acting. I'm not going to blame the acting, I'm blaming the direction. In scenes, he was just giving his characters too much to do at a given time. Some scenes played out beautifully thou
gh. The opening scene of Dawn's teenage character in which she's given a monologue to youngsters. There's the first penis chewing scene with Tobey in the cave. Also, the scenes at the gynecologist and with the other moron Ryan who made a bet with his friend to sleep with Dawn.
Definitely acting wise, I really disliked several scenes. They were just too overly...obvious. Several scenes with Dawn and Tobey, the awkwardness was really getting to me. Again, this is where tone would have made certain situations understandable. It just wasn't feel enough like a dark comedy for those scenes to work for me. Hale Appleman (Tobey), I couldn't wait for his character to be killed off. Just, irritating. Now John Hensley who plays Dawn's step brother Brad, he does it the way it should have been for everyone. Every scene with him was well delivered, well acted. Jess Weixler. I really am liking her even though I wasn't too fond off her acting in TEETH, but again, I'm blaming the directing. Several of her scenes were just great, but counter those with other scenes that were crap and it makes for something that should've been better, bigger. I think she possesses a genuine beauty that countered well to the situations she was being put into. I will be looking forward to future efforts. It seems stupid, but I want to see her in a good romantic comedy with, let's say, Eric Christain Olsen, or even Jim Krasinski. Anyone else? No? Whatever!
End the end though, I am very glad that a film like this was done by an independent director and studio. Who knows what kind of crap would have been
manufactured had this been done by the people who brought us the remake of PROM NIGHT?
I did enjoy it and would recommend it for the horror factor and sheer quirkiness of some of it. And did I mention how cute Jess Weixler is?
Give TEETH a stern renting.

I give it a solid 6.87 out of 10.

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