Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uwe Boll doesn't bollsh*t around, well kinda, but only for marketing

Do you have a problem with Uwe Boll? if yes, why? I have only seen three of Boll's film: HOUSE OF THE DEAD, ALONE IN THE DARK, and BLOODRAYNE. I have very specific issues with his filmmaking that just rub me the wrong way. It's the direction that feels weird. It's the camera work that feels uncreative. It's the editing that seems off and choppy. But I do believe that everyone and anyone that has the will to make film should be able to and be given the power to. I am interested in seeing Boll's latest film, POSTAL based off of an equally interesting videogame series and has just hit theaters last week.
Well, there has been a very large backlash against Boll and his film in the recent weeks and months even to the point of a online petition asking for a million signatures to stop Boll for every making another film. What a bunch of crap! How can a community based of creativity and will be so against someone wanting to make films. There are many people that enjoy his movies and that are not critical of them as many of us cinephiles are. Well, has just recently had an interview with Mr. Boll about recent events, his projects, online idiots, and the process of filmmaking in general. I appreciate his contribution to the film industry even if I don't enjoy his films. Make up your own mind.

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