Wednesday, July 9, 2008

RAIN OF MADNESS mockumentary trailer

So you most likely already watched the new TROPIC THUNDER trailer below, well it seems that the TROPIC THUNDER rabbit hole goes deeper than we imagined (that's what she said). It seems the cast crew have also been creating a companion film to go alongside THUNDER, RAIN OF MADNESS. This is obviously in reference to and seemingly similar to the the documentary made about the making of Coppola's APOCALYPSE NOW, HEARTS OF DARKNESS. Much like the film itself, RAIN OF MADNESS seems to be just as hilarious and brings us more into the actual actors that play the characters that I'm sure we will all crave once we've watched TROPIC THUNDER. So go ahead and watch the trailer below for RAIN OF MADNESS.


Karim said...

lovin this, looking forward to this movie

Nizar Babul said...

Yeah, I've been checking for release dates but I can't find any anywhere. Maybe a DVD release?