Saturday, October 11, 2008

Alright, alright, here's the new trailer for TRANSPORTER 3

I swear I wouldn't get swindled into a third TRANSPORTER film if it ever came to fruition thanks wholly to the cartoony disaster that was the second film. But alas, they have swindled Nizar, swindled him good. Yes, the trailer looks "fun" and "exciting" and "intense" and "like a kick in the testicles" and all those other bullshit words they'd use to get you into the sticky theater seat, and I like it. Even with a plot that can just as well be crafted into another CRANK film, you can count me in, but I swear that if the train that they're fighting on rides off of a bridge and they continue to fight like gravity doesn't exist like in the second film, I'm fucking leaving the theater, all up in arms. TRANSPORTER 3 comes out November 26th. Enjoy.

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