Friday, October 3, 2008

THE UNINVITED trailer; crusty milk=sour, black milk=symbiote

Way way back, earlier this year, I spoke of some official casting choices for the part of Bella in the TWILIGHT film. One of the names that I did consider better suited for the part over Kristen Stewart was Emily Browning usually identified from the LEMONY SNICKET film. I also mentioned she was working on a film, THE UNINVITED, which is a remake of the Korean horror film A TALE OF TWO SISTERS. In my opinion, this film looks pretty bad. I strongly advise all of you watch the original because though the film is slightly cliched, the Asian horror take on certain stories really make it was it is. Anyhoo, the trailer for THE UNINVITED is finally out after just, so, long, and it's now waiting for you to view below. Any thought?

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