Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Movies that were books first, but now are movies because people do not like to read

You read correctly, you are not losing it, unless you are losing it, in which case I will not judge you (I prefer to keep those thoughts to myself and then blog about them later). Believe or not, the Lord of the Rings books were not the first to bring novel adaptations in vogue. No, I believe it was Jurassic Park. Of course, I kid.
Recently though, studios have been grabbing up those book rights and are shelling out bringing to the silver screen a number of well regarded books, many of which I read in the sixth grade. These juvenile jewels have the potential of being Harry Potter caliber films but seem to only be half of The Hardy Boys. I know they haven't made a Hardy Boys film yet, but believe me when they do...I'll be the third person in line after Frank and Joe Hardy. Now, not just a few novels come to mind. I'm talking about Forbidden Kingdom, Inkheart, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Kit Kittredge and not to mention films like the Eragon, The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising and the Golden Compass which they've already made.
I'm not saying that all of these are bad or will be bad, I'm actually not saying any of them will be bad at all. What I am saying though is that I want studios to not appeal to the Shrek crowd. Kids aren't as unintelligible as they used to be and studios know that, but let's have the final product match our mental capacity.
I'm actually going to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles tomorrow evening so check back for my pseudo-review of that. For now enjoy a few of these trailers.

Forbidden Kingdom


Is it just me or...
is anyone else excited for Son of Rambow?


Thai said...

Do you ever wonder why these movies from books always seem to be made for children?


Kefga_X said...

yes, because the majority of people watching movies are middle-class white america, and they have kids who will have to bring their parents and friends.