Monday, March 24, 2008

(Insert choking related pun here)

This Sundance Channel clip of writer/director Clark Gregg was released some time ago but I find myself bringing it up in conversation with friends and they know nothing about it. So what better reason to post something if not to inform everyone. CHOKE, an original novel written by the infamous Chuck Palahniuk has gotten the big screen treatment and will be hitting theaters August 28th of this year. No trailer has been released thus far but I really enjoyed this clip of Gregg giving a little insight on his film as well as a few short clips of the film itself. Not having read this Palahniuk book, the only knowledge I have of CHOKE is from synopsizes given by friends. Hit the link below for the Sundance Channel clip of CHOKE.

Choke - Sundance preview clip

Posted Jan 27, 2008

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Thai said...

I love the guy that's in this movie. Guy #97373894789347. Heh.