Monday, March 24, 2008

DVD ENTENDRE: Week of 03/25

A new bit I want to introduce onto GREENHOUSE is something I like to call, "DVD Entendre." It will run on Mondays and include DVD releases for the following day or the week that I think are worth buying, renting, or just checking out. Fair enough? Here we go. Well, HBO ran an original movie about four months ago that was absolutely incredible. The film, PU-239.It starred the always satisfying Paddy Considine as a Russian nuclear plant worker who gets exposed to extremely high levels of radiation and is ousted from the plant by higher-ups in order to cover-up the accident. Knowing that he has only a short time to live, Timofey (Considine) steals some weapons-grade plutonium in hopes to sell it to a black market dealer. Trouble ensues due to misunderstandings causing problems for Timofey and the black market dealer. HBO has a great track record when it comes to distributing great films and this one brings tradition. I very much loved the film and encourage everyone to at least rent PU-239. Read on for a few more DVD releases this week.

Another film I really liked and that is out on single disc DVD and Special Edition, THE MIST. Frank Darabont directs the theatrical version of Stephen King's chilling short story in which a small community becomes trapped in their neighborhood supermarket when a mysterious mist rolls through the town. Why are they trapped? Well, because there are also strange creatures in the mist and they get more and more incredible with each passing act. Although many (including myself) will describe the film and its antics as very "B-movie," I very much enjoyed it for what it was. And even though I could call the movie the entire way through, I was glad it concluded the way it did; just rent it and you'll see what I mean. And watching it in the theaters was absolutely great. Towards the end...the sheer size...jaw-dropping...just watch it.

Other films that we both should catch up with are THE KITE RUNNER, and WRISTCUTTERS: A Love Story.
Well, I might've missed the Oscar-nominated releases from the last two to three weeks, but now is as good a time as any to start because there is at least something great every week. So until next week's releases, go rent or buy the previously mentioned flick and thanks for joining me here on DVD ENTENDRE.

Is it just me or...does anyone else think that I'll probably change the title of this segment to something completely different?


Thai said...

There's another I think YOU should watch.

It's called Rabbit Proof Fence.

Check it out. The story is based on a true story about the genocide of the aboriginals of Australia by forced breeding of females to remove their "black" blood.

It's not new but it's definite watch-worthy!

Nizar Babul said...

Right, I've had many recommendations to see that film. I'll be sure to catch up with that and you be sure to catch this, capiche?