Sunday, April 6, 2008

Looking forward to Blindness

Having just seen MICHAEL CLAYTON about a week ago, upon its completion, I thought about what films it reminded me of. THE CONSTANT GARDENER. Both are incredible films that are absolutely a thrill to watch. Well, the director of GARDENER, Fernando Merielles, also well known for the remarkable CITY OF GOD, has finally released a teaser for his new pseudo-apocalyptic film, BLINDNESS. I am...excited. There are just so many great films that come out every year that it almost seems like the year to come won't nearly be as good. Though, that notion was already put to rest when we first looked at the release schedules to 2008. THE DARK KNIGHT, THE HAPPENING, IRON MAN, HELLBOY II, INDIANA JONES, SPEED RACER...should I continue? My point is, along with BLINDNESS, I am hoping that these "End of the World" flicks become more than "End of the World" flicks. Sure CLOVERFIELD and I AM LEGEND were, in a sense, grand, but what I was waiting for were films like THE SIGNAL and Shyamalan's THE HAPPENING. Let's not have anymore DOOMSDAY's, but let visionary directors bring a form of art to the agony. BLINDNESS looks to be exactly what I am hoping for and to be coming from Fernando Meirelles is definitely a treat. Hit the jump below to see the teaser for BLINDNESS. I'm so excited !!

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