Sunday, April 6, 2008

DVD ENTENDRE: Week of 04/01-08

Having skipped last week's because I was attacked off shore while scuba-diving, I just want to recap some of last weeks releases before I dive into this week's. Last week, along with musical screen gem SWEENEY TODD, the Unrated Edition of HAROLD & KUMAR, and the Blu-Ray version of UNBREAKABLE, an HBO series was released that I urge everyone to visit at least once, JOHN FROM CINCINNATI. JOHN is a great concept brought to us by the creator of DEADWOOD, David Milch. JOHN is a show about a supernatural being that comes into a family's life and what becomes of their meeting. The show is out there and demands patience, and I encourage it even if you are easily bored. This show deserves an audience but it's too bad it has been taken off the air. Also, a film that I've wanted to watch for some time THE GOOD NIGHT. The film stars Martin Freeman, (no relation to Morgan) who I first came to love in the the original UK version of THE OFFICE. Freeman's character has a peculiar dilemma in which he meets a woman who frequents his dreams at night, but when he actually meets her, she turns out to be the complete opposite of what he dreamed her to be. It doesn't hurt that the film also stars the woman of my dreams during my high school life, Penelope Cruz. Keep reading on for this week's DVD releases.

This week, we again have a nice bag of DVD treats. First, a film that I thought should've won the Oscar for Best Film, THERE WILL BE BLOOD. I absolutely loved NO COUNTRY, but I felt this film was definitely deserving for Best Film even though NO COUNTRY was best directed. I had close to no issues with this film and completely accepted the end of that third act that I know many people and critics had problems with. I won't spoil anything for you, but please, please, please, rent or buy this film. And if you have seen it and loved it like myself, there is a beautiful two disc edition that includes deleted scenes, selected photographs from the era by P.T. Anderson, as well as "The Story of Petroleum."
RESURRECTING THE CHAMP was a film that came and went and is a film I really have no interest in watching despite one gurgling recommendation by one friend. And on the opposite end of the enthusiasm spectrum is WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY. I really wanted to catch it in theaters but never did, and if you had the same happen to you, here's our chance. Also out this week, RESERVATION ROAD with Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Connelly, and Joaquin Phoenix. There was a Jack Nicholson film in the 90's that I believe had a very similar plot but I cannot remember the name. Anyhoo, be sure to catch this one about a husband/father (Ruffalo) who commits a hit and run as well as vehicular manslaughter. The father (Phoenix) of the victim, then slowly tries to investigate the murder of his son and catch the culprit.
The last two films I want to recommend this week are the Iraq war employed
LIONS FOR LAMBS with Cruise, Redford, and Streep (on screen gold for sure...right?). Lastly, a small film with OFFICE SPACE's fame, Ron Livingston. The film is of course is MUSIC WITHIN.

Is it just me THERE WILL BE BUD just genius?

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