Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All new TWILIGHT poster

As every Tuesday, MTV will be bringing us TWILIGHT info (or rather TWI-fo? no? nevermind) and this week is no exception. Sorry, I would've had this up yesterday but I wasn't home for the most part. I also got a chance to watch SPEED RACER which I'll have a review up for as soon as I can.
Anyhoo, this week, MTV got a new exclusive poster featuring the immortal hunkster Edward, and the feeble yet cutesy Bella. Before I get to the poster itself though, I just want to give props to the photographer who got this gig shooting for the film, Joey Lawrence. I checked out his website which is all kinds of impressive and his portfolio speaks for him. I need to start taking my Nikon SLR out for a spin dammit. Check out a quick interview MTV did with him about his work for TWILIGHT.
Alright now, go ahead and hit the magic button below to snag an eyeful of the two damned lovers in the all new poster for TWILIGHT.

I actually love this poster compared to the first official, heavily photoshopped, group shot from last week. Simple and creatively explicable. So what do you guys think? Does this convey the essence of TWILIGHT?


Anonymous said...

I love this one. It's perfect. I can't wait to see the movie. Excited!

Sabrina ! said...

Awesome dude !