Friday, May 2, 2008

Breaking News: TWILIGHT stars fall into vat of wax

Please do not be alarmed for that headline is not true. Well, it is, but not completely. Let's just blame it on poor, poor, poor photoshop artists. Anyhoo, the folks at Cinematical received an exclusive official character poster for TWILIGHT. This coming from someone who is very much looking forward to its release, for some reason I'm not sure if the pic made me more excited for the film. See for yourself and click below for the first official ensemble photo for TWILIGHT.

And here it is in all its glory and photoshop edits. Seriously, yes it looks awesome and I'm happy with the cast choices (I have to be), but at the same time, did they have to make it look like a rejected photograph from the cutting room floors of Vanity Fair?And also take a look at this. They're old test shot of the family sans Bella (Kristen Stewart). Click on the pics for larger versions.
Better or worse than the official one? Still, I'm excited for TWILIGHT which comes out December 12th of this year.
Oh and one last thing. It's a pic of James played by Cam Gigandet. Now that I have absolutely no problem with. Keep your eyes open for more here at GreenHouseFilmReviews.

P.S. I'm finally about to start the third book, Eclipse. Yay.

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