Friday, May 2, 2008

HANCOCKian mischief

I'm really not sure what it is, or rather was, about HANCOCK that made me want to pee on the poster if I ever saw it, but the film just didn't interest me, at all. I began putting things together. Will Smith couldn't follow up a success like I AM LEGEND with some crap, or could he? Having not read the script, the only plot details I knew were the plot details that everyone knew. Man with superpowers is actually an ass but then has to get himself on the ball and straighten up. Peter Berg(THE KINGDOM, COLLATERAL) directed it, which was one of the only things I was excited about; that and Jason Bateman. But with a new trailer out now, I can breathe a little easier. Make up your own mind about it after watching the trailer below. Then hit the jump at the end to watch a condensed version with only the new action scenes for ADHD viewers.

Is it just me or...
should Jason Bateman play a superhero. You know how great that would be? Him or Will Arnett. Or both of them! Bateman could play Robin, and Arnett could play Edward Nigma/The Riddler.

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