Thursday, October 9, 2008

New trailer for our (beloved?) TWILIGHT; might not be as great as a live-action GARGOYLES film, but it'll do

We here at GREEN HOUSE FILM REVIEWS have been promoting the TWILIGHT film since it was announced a year ago and that sultry release date is almost upon us, November 21st. One week after QUANTUM OF SOLACE blows our face off, TWILIGHT will come and tenderly nuzzle the bridge of its nose against our chin and nonchalantly stick its teeth into our neck/wallet. Tonight, we bring you the latest and perhaps last trailer for TWILIGHT before it hits theaters and collectively rips the panties off of young (and presumably of legal age) females nationwide (myself included?). Well, since it was just released online, the quality is pretty bad, but tolerable. I'd say this is the best trailer so far, giving us scenes we actually want to see instead of a mess of ones that make the film feel made-for-TV. Enjoy.


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